Yes… The male servant responded weakly, but his face became more ugly.

Everyone stood on Shenhu.Ling Zhantian didn\’t say much, and exchanged thoughts with the blood war god tiger. The latter roared, like a thunderbolt in the blue sky, a blood-colored power shield was stirred up on his body, shrouded everyone in it, and he stepped on him. Has jumped into the out……The streamer kept retreating from the rear, and no one knew how fast the blood war god tiger was except Lingzhantian. He could only feel that even the light had been thrown far behind.It\’s a fast speed, the speed of this blood war god tiger is almost equivalent to the speed of the Void Beast\’s full teleportation… Shanghai said in shock.and!The Void Beast can only teleport once, once a hundred thousand miles away.But the blood war god tiger is like a stroll in the garden, every moment is one hundred thousand li, the difference between the two is many times different.Third brother, what is this God City like? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking. He only had a vague concept of God City. It is said that it was the birthplace of all ancient gods. After the gods disappeared, it became a branch of the ancient gods. Holy land.The city of God? There is a land of God, with many heaven and earth gods, as well as the palace of the ancestors of the gods and the place of cultivation.Many heaven and earth gods…and the palaces of gods and places of cultivation… Shanghai\’s heart trembled slightly.If our spirits and gods can establish an intra-clan resident in the god city, it only takes a thousand years to surpass the demon gods clan. Unfortunately, we have never had this opportunity. I heard that our ancestors in the age of eternity are eligible. Establish a resident in God City. Ling Xuanhao sighed slightly.Can the branch of the ancient Protoss establish a station in the city of God? Shanghai said in surprise.Of course, but this qualification is difficult to obtain, and the required conditions are too difficult.What are the requirements?There are currently two conditions. The first is that all children in the three consecutive Hundred Clan Conferences have entered the top ten and passed the God City test, and the second is that the three consecutive Hundred Clan Conferences have won first place, and there is no need to participate. Test, you are eligible to establish a resident in God City. I heard that there is a third kind, but you have to get the first to know, but how difficult it is to get the first… It\’s only fifty. Ling Xuanhao said helplessly.The cultivation resources of God City far surpass the resident of the Lingshen Line, let alone a thousand years, even if it only takes three hundred years, the Lingshen Line can step into the top two from the fourth largest clan in Yinzhou, and it will be completely stabilized. There is no need to waver in the fourth group like this, and may fall to fifth at any time.It\’s really too difficult for three consecutive sessions… Shanghai also nodded in agreement, accidentally entering the top ten is not difficult for some branches that breed the descendants of the most talented, just like his father broke into the same year. Passed second place.However, it is difficult to enter for three consecutive terms.To know!

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