Hearing these words, the hearts of the people hanging in their throats sank slightly. The male servant and others glanced at Shanghai. This guy was lucky, and was rescued by a passing senior.

Oh!Without hesitation, Shanghai pierced his finger and squeezed out a drop of blood.call out……That drop of blood was quickly collected by Ling Zhantian, and he saw his right palm flipped back and forth, and dense lines appeared, impressively powerful gods, as the gods were injected, the blood contained in the blood of the spirits. Was immediately excited.The blood turned into a milky white brilliance, and then the brilliance became deeper and deeper, and finally reached the purple-black level.Ling Zhantian’s solemn expression recovered slightly, and his face was relieved, “Yes, this bloodline concentration has reached 14%, which is about the same as your third brother, and at your age, you have reached the venerable level. The qualifications are much higher than that of your third brother, but you are still young. It is not difficult for you to surpass your third brother or your second brother for a period of time in the future.\”14%…Shanghai has already understood that this is its own spiritual and god bloodline concentration, which was unexpectedly much higher than expected. This bloodline concentration is the number of bloodlines of the gods possessed by the descendants of the gods. The ancestor gods are 100%, and the descendants will gradually weaken according to each generation.Of course, there will be occasional signs of rebound.At the beginning, the blood of the ancient demon absorbed the power of its own blood, and its own blood has not disappeared or reduced. However, as the blood of the ancient demon has improved, its blood seems to have also improved. The third brother is about the same degree.If this continues, will one\’s own spirit and god bloodline reach 20%, 30%… or even higher? In that case, 70% of the whole blood of the father’sThe body, I am afraid it is not difficult.Fortunately for Shanghai, Grandpa did not find out his bloodline of the ancient demon.You go back first. Ling Zhantian said.Grandson retires.Shanghai gave his salute and then withdrew from the attic.Watching Shanghai leave, Ling Zhantian saw a trace of loneliness and loneliness in his eyes. He was about to put his hand away, and suddenly noticed that the brilliance on the drop of blood on his right hand emerged from a vast expanse of wasteland, which contained endless. Dark and pure.Ten percent blood…Ling Zhantian\’s face changed suddenly, and he blinked quickly, then looked at the drop of blood, only to find that Huangyu had disappeared, and the darkness and pure meaning were gone. He couldn\’t help frowning, \”Is it dazzling? Should it be? Yes, I am getting older, and my injuries have recurred in the past, which may cause dazzling.About to turn around, Ling Zhantian suddenly remembered something, and his expression changed again, \”Couldn\’t it be dazzling? It\’s that Hao\’er\’s blood is a bit different… Could it be because of the bone and blood inherited from his mother… Hao\’er\’s mother… …I haven’t found out all these years… The sixth man said he met on the battlefield of gods…\”

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