The sky seemed to be torn apart, and the terrifying impact penetrated the entire sky, and millions of miles were affected. Even Ming Yuyan and others, who had flew by five million miles away, could feel this. The shock of shocking fluctuations.

call out……The Evil God\’s spear pierced straight out, and the 100,000 zhang area fell instantly.I saw two amazing forces colliding together, and then disappeared into the invisible, while Shanghai and Yuan Jiangzhu two were back to back, separated by ten feet.Yuan buried the main head slightly, looked at his chest, saw that most of his abdomen was pierced, and the sea of ​​Qi was also damaged. At the critical moment, the golden armor on his body saved his life, but even so, he still suffers. After suffering a severe injury, his body trembled violently, and he spit out a large mouthful of blood.At this moment in Shanghai, a bone-bearing wound appeared on his shoulder, but fortunately, this wound did not break the bones. For him, it is not a serious injury. I have to admit that the strength of the source general is indeed. Powerful, of course, the realm of the other party is one level higher than that of Shanghai.One arm wound and fatal killing, you can see the difference between the two, if it weren\’t for the golden armor to block the master at the critical moment, I\’m afraid he would have become a corpse long ago.puff……Yuan spit out a large mouthful of blood for the Lord, only to see the blood quickly turned into countless runes, penetrated into his body, and his body quickly shattered. Obviously, he used some secret method to escape.After Shanghai noticed it, he acted quickly, but it was too late. When the Evil God\’s Spear pierced it, only one leg was broken, and the rest had disappeared.what……Void heard the pain of the master, \”You dare to hit me hard, I dare to swear, you will never get out of Silver Sky City alive…\” A voice of incomparable bitterness and hatred came out.Faced with the threat of Yuan Jiang, Shanghai ignored the threat, his eyes condensed suddenly, and stared at the front, \”Five people, you should have seen enough, should you come out?\”For a long time, there was no sound.The evil spirit spear in Shanghai\’s hand flicked, and the void was pierced to pieces, and a terrifying sea of ​​blood poured into it, and the formation was directly torn apart.Five figures fell out. They were three men and two women. They were the Ling Muyan and others who had met at the Tianyu Gambling House. At this moment, the five people had no blood on their faces.Suo was trembling, and some of them were soaked in cold sweat, especially the two young women, already crying with fright.Lin…no, senior, beg senior to spare us, we will collect the two million high-grade Yuanjing as soon as possible.Yes! Half a month, no, ten days.Three days, give us three days, and we will get it together immediately. The rest of the people said again and again, and at this moment they were scared to death.You found the Lord General, right? Shanghai said lightly.

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