Shen Ling heard that if it was half red just now, it is almost all red now.

Seeing her like this, Gong Ming was also afraid. Regardless of the stomachache, he got up and ran away. \”Just like this bear, she came out to tease the female students. She was a loser.\” Wen Yueshan sneered. She didn\’t have to do it yet. She wanted to try it. Chapter 263 compensate for medical expenses Li Siyu looked at the two men, one by one. He was really a militant. Moreover, Wen Yueshan looks smiling and easy to talk on the surface. In fact, she is black hearted and wilting! When Wei Panpan saw that someone had left, he immediately patted himself. \”It\’s really scary. How could there be such a person.\” Li Siyu looked at Wang Yuanyuan and said, \”that person is Gong Ming, remember?\” Wang Yuanyuan, who was called by the roll, looked stunned and then reacted, \”ah? That person? Oh, it\’s disgusting.\” when he thought of the obscene and incompetent person just now, he actually sent her a love letter, It\’s as disgusting as eating flies. Li Siyu was relieved to see her nausea. She was really afraid that Wang Yuanyuan would be cheated by Gong Ming. But now with her first impression, Wang Yuanyuan won\’t go to see Gong Ming again, will she? Several people went out to the state-owned restaurant for dinner. Although Gong Ming was disgusted, they couldn\’t be hungry. On the way back, several people were surrounded by a group of people. Seeing Gong Ming behind, everyone understood what was going on. \”Hit me, hit me in the face!\” Gong Ming also understood that these people could not have anything to do with him at all. Wen Yueshan and Xiao Aiyi protect the people behind them. Li Siyu also puts a small electric stick into her sleeve. If she wants to go in any accident, she will also contribute. However, after five minutes, more than a dozen people, except Gong Ming, all lay on the ground wailing and had no resistance. Li Siyu and others stared at the two little girls in front, ward Maya! Gong Ming looked at them unbelievably, turned around and ran away. If he doesn\’t run, he\’ll have to lie on the ground and howl. What are you waiting for!

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