Madam, this medicated meal is a little late today. It will be delivered later, said the spring breeze.

Lin Cheng was sitting in the yard drinking water. When he saw the two people coming in, he immediately put down his water glass and stood up. \”Aunt is coming.\” the old lady was surprised to see Lin Cheng here. She thought Lincheng was working, but she didn\’t expect to wait here. It seems that he is also intentional. He will not suffer losses or be wronged if the old girl follows him. Li Siyu:??? Lin Cheng came forward to take the old lady\’s burden and took someone to the side house. Li Siyu was surprised to see the newly made bedding on the Kang. Then he remembered that he had not prepared bedding for the old lady. \”Did you find someone to do it?\” Li Siyu asked Lin Cheng. Lin Cheng nodded with a smile. \”It\’s made by Wang Tiesheng\’s daughter-in-law. She\’s good at making bedding. I think you have bedding in your house, so she made it.\” the old lady smiled with satisfaction and said, \”Xiao Lin, it\’s really troublesome for you, and Siyu has bothered you to take care of it recently.\” Lin Cheng waved his hand. \”Aunt said and laughed, it should be done. There\’s no trouble.\” Li Siyu: Oh, roar, I\’m good at this one. Li Siyu looked at Lin Cheng\’s modest and clever appearance without expression. He was really a good baby. At the end of the afternoon, Lincheng went back to report and came back. The old lady was very tired after taking the car and went back to sleep. Li Siyu cleaned up the dishes brought by Lincheng and prepared to cook some dinner in the evening. \”Auntie likes to eat fish. I went to many places to get it.\” Lin Cheng stood in front of the basin to clean up the fish and looked at her with a look of praise. Li Siyu couldn\’t stand him like this and reluctantly perfunctorily said, \”it\’s really hard for you. You must eat more at night.\” listening to such perfunctory words, Lin Cheng didn\’t dislike it at all. He knew that Li Siyu was a cold hearted person. Just look at how she takes care of her mother, you know she is a filial person. Smart, filial and very capable. \”That\’s right.\” Li Siyu remembered something, wiped his hands, ran into the house and ran out again. Lin Cheng looked at her suspiciously. What is this?

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