Mammy? the maid of honor looked at mammy Chen with a shocked face and put her clothes on neatly. Mammy, your mother told you to have a good rest.

With this in mind, Li Siyu went back to the dormitory. His leisure time passed quickly in the afternoon. It\’s rare to take a nap, but it\’s not bad. Approaching the evening, Li Siyu thought about braised chicken nuggets and was not sleepy. Looking at no one outside, he went to lock the door. Outside sounds can be heard in the left and right spaces. Just come out when there is movement. Because she ate alone, she chose a smaller chicken, more than three kilograms. After chopping, do not blanch water. Directly fry the chicken in oil. When the chicken is golden yellow, put seasonings such as soy sauce and soy sauce. Looking at a small pot full of chicken, Li Siyu couldn\’t wait to eat. But she doesn\’t have boring meals. There is no electricity in the space. The generator can\’t be used easily. With the lunch box, Li Siyu plans to make a lunch box and eat it with a small pot of chicken. I think I can eat a small pot of rice. \”Give me half a catty of rice.\” Li Siyu took out the ticket money, put it in the lunch box and handed it to his aunt. \”Oh, can the little girl finish eating? Don\’t cook?\” the aunt asked kindly. Li Siyu said with a smile, \”I have food. If I can\’t finish eating, I can eat the next meal. It\’s too troublesome to run again in case it\’s not enough.\” my aunt didn\’t ask any more, filled her a box of rice and handed it to her. Li Siyu, carrying his lunch box, saw Peng lingman in line. \”You just got off work?\” Li Siyu didn\’t know what she did, so he asked directly. \”Well, you take the meal back to the dormitory?\” she looked at the lunch box in Li Siyu\’s hand. \”Well, do you want to join us?\” Li Siyu asked politely. \”OK.\” Peng lingman nodded. Li Siyu: sister, I\’m just polite!

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