Seeing that his Majesty was reviewing the memorial, he couldn\’t help saying, Your Majesty, Miss Shen is really painful. However, the girl is still a little timid. Your majesty can\’t scare the girl anymore.

Lin Cheng waved to Li Siyu, \”I\’m leaving. I\’ll see you next time. Bye, aunt.\” this time, he didn\’t just say to the old lady, but took Li Siyu with him. Thinking happily in my heart, is this another step? Li Siyu hardly threw his face at him. He glanced at him and turned back to the house. The old lady saw Lin Cheng off with a smile and then went back to the house. \”Oh, what is this braji? Yesterday I went out with Chengcai to see many young girls wear it.\” the old lady looked at Li Siyu and nodded. \”It\’s still my old girl who looks good, and others wear it like a sack.\” Li Siyu couldn\’t close her mouth when she heard the old lady\’s metaphor. \”That\’s not your old girl who looks good?\” the old lady nodded repeatedly. \”That\’s necessary, my old girl\’s best!\” old girl, what are you doing with the money? \”The old lady suddenly saw a pile of money on the table. How did she put it here. \”Ah?\” Li Siyu looked at it. Didn\’t Lin Cheng take it out just now? I didn\’t enter the house after I went out for dinner just now. Why is the heart so big that I threw away all my money. \”This is from Lincheng. I\’ll bring it to him tomorrow.\” Li Siyu calmed down and collected the money and tickets. The old lady nodded with a smile and thought that Xiao Lin was very intentional. Her salary had been paid. Well, not bad. I have an eye. Li Siyu suddenly remembered what happened today and said, \”Chengcai will go to work with me tomorrow. I\’ve arranged it over there in the mine.\” the old lady nodded blandly. Just wanted to ask what to do, Li Chengcai blew up over there. \”Ah? Sister-in-law, I\’m going to work tomorrow? I\’m a worker? My\” pa \”old lady was expressionless and slapped Li Chengcai on the head. \”What are you calling here? It\’s scary?\”

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