No, she has a high vision, but she doesn\’t have this blessing, and she blames me, Shen Xian said unhappily, and then put down the hairpin.

Zhan Lingshui\’s body was a little stiff. She didn\’t expect long Wushuang to start at this time. Listening to long Wushuang\’s orders, she obviously showed a look of struggle on her face. In any way, it is normal for her to help longwushuang. After all, as a dragon king, no matter what his unparalleled relationship with the dragon, he was actually ordered in the Longyuan Dynasty. With the strength of the two of them, Fang Yang must have little resistance. At that time, Lei Qilin will indeed be theirs. But she looked at the front faintly. Fang Yang\’s face was calm. Just when she noticed the light of Zhan Lingshui\’s eyes, the corners of her mouth picked and smiled, revealing a smooth smile. There was no blame, no anger, and no attitude. Immediately, Zhan Lingshui\’s heart trembled, and the struggle on his face calmed down. She shouted Jinglei, Jiao drank loudly, then moved and rushed over here. Long Wushuang is very happy. He is in constant shape. He also meets with Zhan Lingshui. This is the day when Fang Yang boy dies!! \”Now, I see where you can run!!\” long Wushuang drank, and the wind and cloud rolled around him, and countless streamers of light would pour down on Fang Yang. But at this time, before waiting for the unparalleled attack of the dragon, Zhan Lingshui on one side had a golden light all over him, gathered into a huge energy, and hit him. The dragon\’s unparalleled body was shocked and his face changed greatly. \”Zhan Lingshui!! you\’re crazy!!!\” when he wanted to resist, it was too late. He could only watch this huge strength collide with himself. The golden mans on the dragon\’s unparalleled body surface were instantly blown to pieces, and Zhan Lingshui\’s sudden hand made him have no time to react. The golden light was blown to pieces, and the Dragon peerless was also forced out directly from the Golden Dragon\’s state. He just showed his body shape and vomited blood in his mouth. His face was like gold paper. Originally, in the previous fight with Fang Yang, he had already accepted Fang Yang\’s one move, four methods and Qingyun, and was seriously injured. Although he reluctantly swallowed the Golden Dragon pill, he was able to recover his wounds and dragon power. But it also has overdraft effect. It can only be a short-term recovery. Once time passes, the trauma will flow more violently. Dragon peerless now the effect of Golden Dragon pill in the body has disappeared, which is more tragic than before! He was shocked and angry. He didn\’t expect that Zhan Lingshui would be so to himself in the end. How could he be so! Isn\’t Zhan Lingshui from the Longyuan dynasty? She is also united with Fang Yang! But even if he was angry again, it didn\’t work at this time. After all, the matter has become a foregone conclusion.

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