If Shen Ling hears it, she can immediately remember that this Mingxuan is the name of the female Lord in the original book.

Boom! A huge fire gushed out. The fire spitting out from his mouth was like a heavy hammer, which hit the black fog in front of him, smashed the ghost gas directly and scattered. Fang Yang Daqi: \”it\’s an overbearing way to control fire.\” he can see that the constitution of this fire fan is extremely special. It can absorb the flame between heaven and earth and use it like this. It is precisely because he has this Constitution with strong affinity for flame that he can play such an effect. \”How, but you see my power!\” the fire fan was proud. It was very exciting for him to show his skills. He glanced at the corner of his eye at the embarrassed Fang Yang behind him. He secretly said that the boy really didn\’t have much ability! It seems that the black dragon\’s attack is not very good. He broke two moves in succession, but Fang Yang looks like this. He must be unable to resist. It can be seen that his strength is strong enough! \”Until I cut the black dragon and re Yang Ming, who will dare to despise me!\” the fire fan thought of this, and his anger became more and more diffuse. On top of his head, Zhan Shengsheng sneered: \”it has some means, but do you think you can kill me if you have some fire control skills? Overestimate your strength! Let you understand!!\” the black dragon suddenly roared up to the sky, and the dragon\’s power rolled between the roars. The whole heaven and earth echoed the roar of the dragon. Hearing this sound, the body of the fire fan shook, and his face couldn\’t help turning a little white. Immediately after that, the black clouds around him moved greatly, curling and wriggling, and suddenly condensed countless body shapes. Looking carefully, it was the soldiers of the Longyuan Dynasty who had fought with Fang Yang before. Under the blessing of the spirit of corpses and ghosts, the numerous soldiers are like demons with a dense breath and a large number. Seeing this, the fan\’s face sank, and then he hummed, \”do you want to stop me? Die for me!\” he opened his mouth again, puffed out the fire and burst out. When the fire ran into the corpses and ghosts, it also gave the corpses and ghosts to Qi Zhenfei. The fire fan is very happy. Although there are many things that are neither human nor ghost, they are really not resistant to beating! \”The Longyuan Dynasty really didn\’t have any real skills!\” the fire fan was floating. Fang Yang frowned and shouted, \”they can be reborn. Be careful!\” \”hum, weak outsiders will be afraid of it.\” the fire fan was about to sneer, but his face suddenly changed when he felt the change of the surrounding breath.

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