Besides Mu Zhao, he has returned to the imperial study.

An ordinary man in black came slowly. His pace was relaxed and relaxed, just like walking, but he was very fast. He was a hundred steps away from himself a second ago, but in the blink of an eye, he was close to him. \”Fang Yang! You\’re crazy! Get out of here!\” When Wang Shanming saw this side, his face changed greatly. Even the two of them were unable to protect themselves. Why did Fang Yang get close at this time? Was he tired of living? Although Wang Shanming was not very optimistic about Fang Yang, he was also a member of the Dragon cutting club. It was impossible to watch him have an accident, so he was very worried. Mrs. Lengyu was also a cluster of Dai eyebrows, and she got close at this time Come on, not only can\’t help them in any way, but he will give his life in vain. He doesn\’t know how important it is. \”It seems that he is also one of the evils of thieves? Let\’s die here together.\” General Jin Jia sneered and didn\’t pay any attention to Fang Yang at all. Fang Yang\’s expression was indifferent to their words. He looked at general Jin Jia and said, \”where\’s shuiqianrou?\” \”boy who doesn\’t know his life and death, dare to ask questions! Let me kill him!\” Liao Fan, who was behind him, gave a loud shout and then rushed straight to him. He also broke a dragon crystal without hesitation. With the blessing of dragon power on his body, his strength increased greatly. Holding a chopping knife in his hand, Xuan Bing cleaved down at Fang Yang. Liao Fan joked: this boy is a famous soft persimmon. He was just ready for you to show it. Fang Yang didn\’t even dare to take a challenge in the Dragon chopping meeting. It can be seen that there is something wrong How timid and cowardly! Is there only one way to die under his own attack? He thought so, and there was no hesitation in the attack in his hand. With the blessing of dragon power, his strength was just fierce. He saw a sharp knife Gang condensing and falling down, and the ground was torn open into a huge pit. And this attack covered Fang Yang in an instant Both Wang Shanming in front of him and the people of the seventh team behind him looked slightly changed. Liao Fan\’s attack was full of strength, and the strength of Tianyang territory was revealed. How could Fang Yang be alive under this attack? But they were too far apart, and it was too late to save them! Dao Gang cut down, the dark Qi burst, and directly set off a burst of smoke and dust. Wang Shanming He looked away and didn\’t want to see Fang Yang\’s death with his own eyes. Although they had a general relationship, they thought that Fang Yang had never done anything special since he took over as captain, so they knew that he was a man of measure. Now

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