At this time, Shen Xian was waiting and showed off her clothes to Shen Ling. Sister, how do you look at my dress today? she looked at the expression of a good play.

After the surprise, Fang Yang\’s heart was full of ups and downs. It turned out to be this thing. He didn\’t think of it. It was too long ago. Fang Yang had already lost it among the sundries, but it reappeared today and was selected by the old man! The things in the old man\’s hands are impressively what Fang Yang got when he met Duan Ling when he went out for the first time shortly after his rebirth. This thing is also harmful. Duan Lingxiu only has the culprit of the soul. Good luck! The thing selected by the old man is the fruit of creation! Fang Yang heard Duan Ling say about this thing. The fruit of creation is something handed down from a long time ago. It is said that whoever gets this thing will be given an opportunity by a mysterious man. At that time, Fang Yang was still convinced, but the fruit of creation remained in his hands and had no effect. He had left it behind for a long time. As soon as he came out today, he remembered it again. The old man is the immortal who gave people creation, as rumored? \”Senior\” Fang Yang has bright eyes. \”Well, the last fruit of creation is also taken back.\” the old man said silently, and immediately handed the fruit of creation in his hand to the wooden wall on one side. Then he saw that the hard wooden wall suddenly turned into a wave of water, and directly swallowed the fruit in his hand. At this scene, Fang Yang was stunned again. \”What do you want?\” the old man said carelessly. Fortune is coming! Fang Yang remained silent, but in fact, he was ecstatic. The old man has a wide range of hands and eyes. He\’s mysterious. If he does, it\’s not very easy to wipe out evil spirits? Just as he was about to open his mouth, the old man seemed to understand his thoughts and snorted coldly: \”I said in advance that I just gave you something, not to help you do something. This thing is a mistake I made in my early years, but it doesn\’t hurt. I won\’t work hard for it.\” Fang Yang\’s words stopped suddenly. He pulled at the corners of his mouth, and suddenly he was unable to laugh or cry. What the hell? It\’s said that it will give an opportunity. At least it\’s a commensurate scale of emotion. Looking at the careless appearance on the old man\’s face, Fang Yang immediately looked like an eggplant wilted by frost, and his excitement was scattered clean. \”Then why don\’t you give me the strength to kill demons? It doesn\’t have to be permanent. It\’s enough to last for three or five days.\” Fang Yang whispered.

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