This is unusual from the fourth grade. This position is usually held by the close maid of the imperial concubine in the palace. Now in the palace, Emperor Cheng Yuan has never accepted a imperial concubine. In the palace, there are only the long princess, three imperial concubines, and His Majesty\’s own mother, Empress Dowager Cheng in the West Palace.

The real strength of the 43 martial artists in the Dragon list, under the state of the unity of heaven and man, shows the power of Dharma. Jiang bieshu is just different from the previous one. Jiang bieshu laughed loudly and felt refreshed. Previously, under the joint efforts of Fang Yang, he was still unable to resist. He was deeply hurt and ended up in a panic. Now, the situation is reversed. Instead, the three of them have become fish on their own chopping board. \”This is strength, this is fa Xiang, comfortable, comfortable!!\” he laughed, lifted his right hand, and the virtual shadow puppet behind him was swept out by a large wooden pole. The earth and rock in the place he passed burst, leaving a deep gully on the ground. On both sides of the gully, vegetation grew. Such a strange scene of destruction and full of vitality fused together, making people more palpitating. Fang Yang\’s face changed. The shadow of the nine palace sword in his hand was divided, and more than 200 sword blades were suspended above his head. \”Nine turn sword star!\” he burst out, the blade turned into light, and the power of the stars floated. The sword Qi on more than 200 blades merged, and a majestic sword Gang swept out, trying to resist the attack of this wooden pole. The roar cracked. Fang Yang\’s sword Gang, which fused his own sword idea, collided with the wooden pole, but between the smoke and dust, Fang Yang\’s sword gang was almost instantly shattered by the earthquake, and the force of the sword Gang collapsed and scattered. The wooden pole was swept heavily. Fang Yang and Kuishan were instantly affected by the wooden pole and flew out together. It was not swept by the front, but spread by a small force. But Fang Yang still felt that his whole body was struck by lightning, his blood vessels burst, and countless blood gushed out, spilled all over the ground, flew back a hundred feet, and collapsed several ancient trees. His body fell to the ground, and Fang Yang was a mouthful of blood. He just felt his ears buzzing. His eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of blood. It was difficult to see what was in front of him. His limbs were sour and soft, his bones were broken, and his spirit was listless. Kui Shan in the distance was no better. He was lying on the ground, trembling, but he didn\’t get up with half a sound. With only one blow, Fang Yang and the three were deeply hurt and fell to the ground. The ground was in a mess. The three of them were stained with blood, lying or lying on their stomach. No one stood up for a long time. This is the power of Dharma! Jiang bieshu\’s face is crazy with a smile. He only feels that his pores are open and comfortable. The Dharma phase is open. His state is perfect! No one wants to have life in front of his Dharma power! This is the real strength. He should have been the king of the netherworld channel!

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