Liu Caixia smiled, Jianhong, anyway, we\’ll do it again at the end of the month. How can we borrow the whole 50 yuan this time? It\’s not enough to borrow some money at that time.

The swamp under me trembled violently, just like the earth shaking, and then a huge object rushed out of the swamp. A large area of mud flew over, and the big demon with real dragon blood finally showed its real face. Only when you see it with your own eyes can you feel the vastness of Spinosaurus. It\’s as tall as a hill. Spinosaurus has short limbs. Its whole body is almost crawling on the ground. It\’s long and thin. There are no dense scales on its body, but a whole piece of hard skin. It\’s different from ancient dragons in this point. The Spinosaurus is green in color. Its head is small compared with its body, but even with such a large physique, it still does not affect its agile action. While fleeing from the mire, it threw its long tail and fanned in front of Fang Yang. The strong wind surged on my face. Mao Sanyi\’s breathing over there was a little stagnant. Even at such a distance, he could feel the great power of the Spinosaurus\’s tail. Once swept by this, even the wall of Qingmu city will collapse! When Fang Yang saw the strong wind coming, his face was calm and his fingers moved. The five sword blades beside him immediately flew out and attacked the huge tail without bias. At the moment when the five long swords were released, Fang Yang began to operate the \”five element sword array\”. The different sword ideas on the five sword blades gathered into pentagonal shapes, and the colorful lights of gold, wood, water, fire and earth gathered into a huge sword Gang, roaring through. Boom! The sword Gang collided heavily with the tail of the Spinosaurus and made a concussion noise. At the moment of contact, Fang Yang\’s five element sword gang was smashed by the impact, but the same sweep of the Spinosaurus\’s tail was also swung open, directly smashed into the mud, and set off several Zhang high mud flowers. As soon as the two met, they had a great momentum chapter 441 sword battle. The three good and evil of thorn dragon hair have also been mixed in Qingmu city for more than ten years. He has been a ferryman since he was very young. All kinds of martial artists are not rare. Not only people from outside, but also saw the scene of killing big demons in Chaimu palace. But he can confidently say that the scene he saw today is definitely the most shocking. \”My darling, is it true that someone can fight with the Spinosaurus only by virtue of the cultivation in the early Yang state?\” on his dark cheek, a pair of eyes glittered and locked firmly on the scene in front of him. In particular, Fang Yang\’s posture of defending the sword like an immortal has left the most profound impression on his heart.

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