When she got up, she felt that the people behind her had fainted, but his hand held her wrist tightly.

As soon as their bodies disappeared, Zhan Shengsheng, who had fallen to the ground, stood up slowly. The burning flame on his body was extinguished. He raised his head and looked coldly at the colorful zhenluan in the air: \”dare to miss my big event! It seems that it\’s not enough for your lesson. Just, the old man will erode you with corpse gas now! Let you become a corpse ghost!\” he roared, He lifted his big hand and clutched it at the multicolored zhenluan. The black air wrapped around the colorful real Luan and pulled it hard. The colorful real Luan suspended in the air fell heavily between the valleys in Zhan\’s life. He was angry and hit it with a fist. He only heard the dull sound in the valleys. Under the fist strength of the colorful real Luan Zhan\’s life, his feathers flew for a moment. Zhan Shengsheng walked out of the smoke and blood dripping on his fist. He looked at the place where Fang Yang and others had disappeared and said angrily: \”there is nothing I can\’t get in my life! Wait, my God of war, you will take refuge in me sooner or later! And Fang Yang! If I want you to die, you must die!\” The sound has endless killing intention, scattered and rolling. Far away from the wasteland of Luofeng valley. Fang Yang trembled with Zhan Lingshui\’s figure and rushed out of the surging fireball. He stepped out a few steps to disperse the buffering power. His eyes were wary. After confirming that they were no longer around the Luofeng Valley, Fang Yang was relieved: \”fortunately, they ran out.\” this escape was different from the last time in the mausoleum. Zhan\’s life at that time had not recovered his strength, There is not much threat, but Zhan\’s life at this time is a martial artist at the level of Tianyang. It would be hard to escape if he didn\’t borrow a fireball to show Fang Yang the fire cloud evasion method with the help of colorful zhenluan. \”Well, thank you, little fellow.\” Fang Yang touched the little red bird\’s head. When he looked at the little red bird again, Fang Yang was also mixed with five tastes. Previously, the colorful real Luan would have that reaction, which was obviously ordered by the little red bird. The status of multicolored real Luan is so high. It has the blood of real Phoenix. It is almost the king of birds in this Luofeng valley. That\’s such a respected status. Its strong strength still listens to the words and language of little red bird, and the identity of little red bird is ready to come out \”Ancient fire phoenix? I\’ve heard that fire phoenix has the ability to be reborn, but I didn\’t expect that a fire phoenix that fell and died thousands of years ago can be reborn today.\” Fang Yang smiles bitterly. No wonder the little red bird is so close to himself, because Fang Yang has pure Yang Xuanqi, which is just to Yang. It is also an excellent thing for Huofeng. It should be that the little red bird feels the familiar smell on himself and regards him as his relatives. After comforting the little red bird, Fang Yang\’s eyes see Zhan Lingshui on the side Up. Zhan Lingshui was a little dull and distracted. She should have been touched by the previous life of Zhan. Seeing Fang Yang\’s contacts, she also raised her eyes. Her lively face was full of sadness: \”are you telling the truth? My brother Zhan Chu is dead?\” Fang Yang sighed and nodded truthfully: \”He died. I saw with my own eyes that it was Zhan\’s life that swallowed his flesh and survived that day between the mausoleums, while Zhan Chu\’s bones did not exist.\” hearing this, Zhan Lingshui\’s eyes turned red and there was a cry: \”brother\” Since she was sensible, she had been looking for Zhan Chu\’s whereabouts, but she didn\’t expect such bad news when she heard Zhan Chu\’s name again. Fang Yang was silent and didn\’t know how to comfort him.

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