Don\’t worry how cool Zhang Xuewen is sitting in the car. He is very happy when he thinks of Han Weiguo\’s black face.

A moment later, all the peaks they went to had been told. \”It seems that we are really unlucky to be separated.\” Feng Wuji said with a bitter smile. The three of them happen to be divided into three different peaks. Feng Wuji is at huodian peak, Feng Xiaojiu goes to Suo Huo peak for distributing tasks, and Fang Yang comes to Miao Huo peak. \”It\’s all right. It\’s the same door anyway. We can always meet each other,\” Fang Yang said. They can only nod. Compared with this, Fang Yang had a more headache, but Princess Longxiang stood aside with a eager face and looked at Fang Yang. Unfortunately, Fang Yang happened to be on a mountain with the troublesome princess. In addition to her, there is the fierce Li Gui of benlei fist with eyes higher than the top. \”It seems that life on this wonderful fire peak is hard to mix.\” Fang Yang sighed. Before long, three elders from the outer gate came. It was the people on the three peaks who led the people to their respective peaks. The seven of Fang Yang fell on the wonderful fire peak. Miaohuo peak has a flat scenery with few rocks and trees. It is also the shortest of the five peaks. In addition to some living pavilions on the top of the mountain, the most critical place is the Grottoes in the back mountain. Miaohuofeng is a place for refining pills and mysterious soldiers. The reason is that there is a branch of earth fire in the mountain of miaohuofeng, in which the earth fire is boiling and hot. It is difficult for ordinary warriors to get close to this place. Jiao Rui, the elder of the outer gate, is in charge of miaohuofeng. He is also a martial artist who has entered the early Yang realm. However, the inner mountain elders such as Gu Kang and Luo Qiufeng are not at all weak. \”I\’ll give you three days to get familiar with the places here and introduce the pure Yang formula. After three days, you\’ll go down with me to the earth fire Grottoes to refine things. Don\’t mention that I have nothing to remind you first. The fire in the earth fire Grottoes is not fun. If you\’re lazy in your cultivation, you\’ll be blamed for the lack of pure Yang Xuanqi and being hurt by the fire.\” Jiao Rui said coldly, At first glance, he was not easy to get along with. He glanced at the seven people and said plainly. Then they arranged accommodation for the seven people. Because there were not many disciples in Chunyang Zhenzong, each of them could be assigned to a small courtyard, and the conditions were good. Fang Yang lives in a small courtyard on the north side of the mountain, just near the place where Longxiang lives. The courtyard is elegantly arranged and everything in the pavilion is complete. There is even a small juxuan Dharma array. If you practice here, you will get twice the result with half the effort. \”It\’s not easy for Chunyang to come in at last.\” Fang Yang looked around in the small courtyard and sighed. Entering Chunyang Zhenzong is to achieve the purpose of the first step. Next, we have to think of a way to get the complete version of Chunyang Jue. However, we can\’t be in a hurry. Fang Yang still needs to find out some things in Chunyang Zhenzong first. With three days of free time, Fang Yang thought about wandering around, but now, let\’s have a rest first. He took out all the things in Chunyang Zhenzong\’s storage ring and put on Chunyang Zhenzong\’s clothes. The clothes are light and close to his body. He can feel the warmth on his body. It seems that this clothes are constantly absorbing the mysterious gas of fire attribute in heaven and earth and forging his body. Another xuanbing sword blade is called Chunyang. Although it\’s such a domineering name, it\’s actually the most common quality. It\’s heard that it imitates the zhenpai secret treasure of Chunyang Zhenzong. The purple stripe xuanbing left over from ancient times cuts off the existence of heaven and earth. However, because it is a poor refining technique, the power is naturally nothing. However, Fang Yang had no xuanbing available at this time, so he took it for the time being. Fang Yang also carefully pondered the jade slips of the simplified version of Chunyang Jue, and found that there was nothing to refer to, so he threw them aside.

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