How many eggs do you want?

I just defeated Jin Jiaolong\’s hand, but now Fang Yang robbed it! Fang Yang smiled and changed his face for a while. He regained his original appearance. He grabbed the Jiaolong gold scissors in his hand. He was so angry that he didn\’t pay for his life. \”Thank you for captain Huang\’s help, otherwise, this xuanbing can\’t fall into my hands.\” \”you, you want to die! Return the xuanbing!\” Huang Ning was furious. He stepped on his feet and rushed out. Fang Yang cut the dragon\’s gold and then transferred the black water sword in his hand. \”Dragon and snake.\” \”four turns.\” a dark dragon and snake sword roared out of the blade like a tornado. Huang Ning\’s body just rushed up and was pulled out. In fact, his own strength will not be so poor, just because the previous combat loss is too large, coupled with the damage of his xuanbing, the maximum combat power is 45%. How can he beat Fang Yang at this time. \”Fang Yang? Kill him!\” \”that Fang Yang? Actually appeared!\” \”what are you waiting for, a reward of 100 million yuan, a Tianmai pill! Kill him!\” there was a loud noise among the martial artists around. One by one, stimulated by the reward offered by Fang Yang, they rushed straight like crazy. The mysterious Qi on the remaining 80 or 90 martial artists flowed and shone brightly. When Fang Yang\’s eyes were swept, his face was cold. \”Want my reward? Come on, come on.\” while talking, he took the Jiaolong gold in his hand. Chunyang Xuanqi crossed in one of them, and the golden light on the Jiaolong gold scissors rose sharply. He clenched the scissors in both hands, and said in a loud voice, \”I\’m afraid you haven\’t got enough people!\” on the two halves of the scissors, the strength of half Python and half dragon swept through and filled a place. In Chapter 252, Fang Yang can\’t be refined. Although he hasn\’t refined the dragon gold scissors yet, he can still exert the power of the dragon gold scissors under his own mysterious blessing. Pure Yang Xuan Qi surged into the Dragon golden scissors. Fang Yang clamped it hard. He saw two half Python and half dragon virtual shadows on the scissors emerge, roaring into two golden sharp lights, and immediately hanged the group of martial artists who rushed in front of him from left to right. Click!

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