An inn in Fenghai county. The inn was bustling, and a group of people gathered together to chatter. \”Have you heard that Fang Yang, the rookie of the dragon and snake list, not only didn\’t die in the Hunyuan mansion, but even retired with great harvest!\” \”of course! There are people who don\’t know this now. They haven\’t even hit the boy by the mansion leader himself. How powerful is this boy?\” \”Fart, how can the mansion master beat the boy? He just ran away by special means.\” \”Tut, anyway, he is also a celebrity in Huoyu county. I didn\’t expect to be famous in the Longyuan Dynasty.\” \”Hei hei, it\’s more than fame. The master of the mansion resented the boy and gave him a reward of 30 million yuan. That\’s 80 million yuan! It\’s enough to buy a small third-class sect.\” \”80 million? There are so many sleeping slots? I\’m jealous.\” \”just because of your three legged cat\’s Kung Fu, you also died when you met Fang Yang. Don\’t you know how many people the boy killed?\” \”That boy seems to have some grudges with our princess. There\’s no problem.\” \”hahaha, just let him come. Princess Ling has vigorously developed Huoyu county during this time and has attracted many good players. It\’s said that many martial artists in the empty and dark realm have come to take refuge.\” \”no, I\’ve also heard. It seems that even the first-class people have begun to contact our princess.\” \”As long as Fang Yang dares to come, he can\’t escape a word of death!\” In the noisy corner of the crowd, a group of five people sat there. These five people were Fang Yang, Wu fan and others after Yi Rong changed his face. They had been practicing in Jianhe mansion for a month, and everyone\’s improvement was great. Qinchuan and Wu fan successfully broke through to the empty and dark realm. Qinchuan had the foundation of the empty and dark realm. Once restored, their strength increased greatly, plus the martial arts and gifts given by Fang Yang Xuanbing is only stronger than before! Wu fan is a little weaker. After all, he made a breakthrough by means of pills. Meng Qianxue and Huolan also entered the state of concentration one after another and developed well. After their strength improved, they didn\’t stay in Jianhe mansion. They came directly to Huoyu county to help Qinchuan avenge. After staying in the inn, they didn\’t expect to get a lot of useful news \”80 million Xuanyuan Fangyang, are you worth a hair on your body?\” Wu fan looked at him strangely.

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