Qian Yuezhen saw her husband hurried back and began to rummage through the boxes without even saying a word. She didn\’t know what she was looking for.

Once the magic talisman is auctioned, no matter it falls into the hands of the martial artist in the empty and dark realm, it will quickly find Fang Yang\’s head. There is no doubt about the strength of the empty and dark realm. \”I\’m unlucky, you\’re not good.\” Fang Yang turned his eyes, \”Do you think those who chase me outside are all your father\’s men? Just pull out a martial artist in the empty and dark world and want to kill me. I\’m still valuable to them, and you\’ll kill me immediately.\” Meng Qianxue was dumb, and then refused to accept the defeat and said, \”that\’s better than following you.\” Fang Yang didn\’t bother to pay attention to her and threw some dry food from the storage ring: \”I\’m going to practice in seclusion these days. Stay here and don\’t disturb me.\” \”I\’ve been inside these five days?\” Meng Qianxue glanced at the empty room and stared. \”Of course. It also saves you from running out alone and meeting any unkind people.\” Fang Yang sneered, \”Although you can\’t see your appearance now, you still have a body. Some people have special hobbies.\” whew. A chair was lost, and Fang Yang sidestepped away. Meng Qianxue looked hard and said, \”what should I do with my urination?\” her voice was as thin as mosquitoes and flies. Fang Yang pointed to the wooden bed over there: \”I won\’t see it if it\’s blocked by that.\” \”Fang Yang!!\” Meng Qianxue\’s tone rose for a while, \”are you humiliating me!?\” \”I\’m not that interested. Don\’t worry, I\’m too lazy to peek.\” Fang Yang waved his hand in a languid mood and didn\’t want to spend time with her. \”You!\” Meng Qianxue\’s face is blue and purple. Fortunately, he has been with Fang Yang for a few days and has some understanding of his character. Otherwise, he must be angry. \”Untie the seal of cultivation for me! I promise I won\’t escape.\” Meng Qianxue said ruthlessly. \”Hmm?\” Fang Yang looked at her suspiciously. Meng Qianxue roared: \”There is something useful in my storage ring, but I can\’t get it out now!\” OK, OK, roar what roar. \”Fang Yang walked to her side, and the Xuan Qi was running on her acupoints. Meng Qianxue only felt a rush of breath in her body, and then the dried up Xuan Qi in the meridians reappeared. \”The sound insulation effect of this quiet room is very good. You can\’t shout loudly, but don\’t go out, otherwise I don\’t promise to do anything.\” Fang Yang reminded her. Meng Qianxue snorted in response. Then he saw the brilliance on her storage ring, and all kinds of things piled up quickly.

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