She has a lot of ingredients in her spare time and has no place to cook. It hurts to think about it.

\”Eh? Little brother!\” A delicate voice came from the grass. The voice was very familiar. Listening to this voice, Fang Yang turned his head. A graceful posture in the grass had stood up and looked surprised at Fang Yang\’s face. It was a woman, not to mention her appearance and figure. It was a first-class woman. The most important thing was that the woman knew Fang Yang! There was no doubt that the woman was natural Fire orchid. \”I\’m a good boy. Can\’t it be such a coincidence? The waste son of the city Lord and Wu fan all ran to this road?\” Looking at Huolan\’s figure, Fang Yang smiled bitterly in his heart. Fang Yang thought he wouldn\’t have any intersection with Wu fan and others, but he didn\’t expect to meet again so soon. Although he didn\’t have a good impression of Wu fan and others, and Fang Yang personally killed a brother of Wu fan and others, Fang Yang still planned to see the situation, because at this time, Fang Yang was angry with Wu fan and others There was no fear. He jumped down from his horse, pulled away the dense grass, and Fang Yang slowly walked over. Soon Fang Yang saw Huolan and others. At this time, there were only three people left, including a strong man and Huolan. The last one was Wu fan. At this time, the three people were all disheartened and embarrassed, but the strong man and Huolan were OK, At least his complexion was not so pale, but Wu fan was lying on the ground, his complexion was as pale as paper, and even his breathing was irregular, as if he could die at any time. Seeing Fang Yang, he smiled in his heart: \”it seems that my medicine really has no effect on the monks in the period of concentration.\” Fang Yang knew that Wu fan and others had the power to move again because they drank their own medicine, but it was obvious that their medicine was effective for Huolan and the big man, but it was useless for Wu fan\’s monks in the period of concentration. Most of Wu fan was rescued by Huolan. \”Fang Yang, you!\” However, just as Fang Yang was thinking, Wu fan, who was already dying, suddenly noticed Fang Yang and just took a look. Wu fan\’s eyes showed a shocked look. If the injury was not too serious, Fang Yang had no doubt that Wu fan would jump up directly. \”What\’s the matter, surprised?\” Fang Yang smiled faintly. \”Old six!! old six!!!\” although the injury was very serious, Wu fan still said hurriedly. Perhaps he spoke too fast. Wu fan coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. \”Angkor!\” looking at this, the two people on one side flashed an anxious color and hurried to Wu fan to comfort Wu fan. \”Little brother, you just came here. I know your medical skills are amazing. See if you can save Angkor!\” Huolan turned to look at Fang Yang and said hurriedly. However, at this time, the big man around Huolan looked at Fang Yang and frowned: \”Angkor is right. I remember that old six was with you. What about old six now?\” Hearing the speech, Fang Yang shrugged casually: \”it\’s about to ask your Angkor. What he asked Lao Liu to do to me, I did to him.\” \”how can it be?\” listening to Fang Yang\’s words, Wu fan flashed a look of horror, but soon there was a poison in his eyes: \”you killed Lao Liu?\” \”I\’m kind to help you, but you have a bad heart for me. You asked for it.\” Fang Yang said faintly. \”How can it be that Lao Liu\’s strength is the peak of Lingwu realm, and your cultivation is not an opponent at all!\” Wu Fan said slowly with a pale face like paper.

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