Li Siyu can only follow. It\’s just one night. The big deal is not to eat tonight.

And Jianxi and Hanxing have already begun to look for a very interesting thing at the bottom of the sea with divine consciousness alternately. But for several days, there was no result, and they were very tired. So Jianxi released several slaves and asked them to take turns to explore the beautiful sea with divine knowledge and find what Jianxi wanted. It\’s too difficult to find things in such a large sea. Jane Xi and Han Xing returned to their room again. They were busy practicing, or refining pills and array flags. Jane Xi has been thinking about the letter star crossing robbery until this day, Jane Xi opens a note and hears the report of the slaves. There is an island ahead. I don\’t know whether to stop and have a rest? Jane Xi hurried out of the room, flew into the air and looked into the distance. Sure enough, there was a black horizon ahead, which was the sign of land. Such a discovery made Jane Xi ecstatic. The rootless feeling at her feet for a month and a half can finally be relieved. At this time, Han Xing also came out, looked at the excited little woman with a smile, turned back and ordered the slaves to fly over. The slaves flew into the air one by one and flew to the island. Jian Xi also received the big ship here and rushed with Han Xing. When Jane Xi was down-to-earth, she felt comfortable all over her body. She couldn\’t help stretching out her arms and seemed to shout to vent her mood, but he was stopped by Han Xing. He vigilantly spread his divine consciousness to the front. Every inch was carefully checked by his divine consciousness and pushed far away. He wanted to ensure that they were safe on the island, because, Han Xing has long planned to find an uninhabited island for robbery. If the island meets his requirements, he doesn\’t have to work hard every day. He can enter the state of robbery at any time. Jane Xi spits out her sweet tongue and knows that she has been too relaxed since she followed the letter star. She has forgotten where it is. It\’s on the dangerous sea. Do you really think she\’s out for tourism? Chapter 651 robbery (I) The island is not big, and the divine sense spreads out. It is easy to see the whole picture. The vegetation on the island is not lush. There is also a small mountain that is not too big. Almost all of the hills are bare rubble, desolate and bleak. The trees in other places are not too high and not dense. There are no people on the island, there are not many animals, and they are ordinary beasts that are not even monsters. Wild animals are not too big. In short, this island can be said to be a deserted island without people. After Qijie Hanxing determined that there was no danger on the island, he took Jane Xi and flew up the hill in the middle of the island. The top of the hill was not very flat. Hanxing glanced at Jane Xi beside him. They seemed to have the same heart. Next, they flattened the top of the mountain and formed a platform with a diameter of more than 30 meters. It was easy for them. Then, Jian Xi took out the recently completed array flag and began to arrange the array. Han Xing also helped arrange it according to what Jian Xi said. The two people worked for two days before they were successful. This is a robbery, Jane Xi has never experienced such a scene, so she has no bottom in her heart and can only do her best. At this time, Han Xing was deeply glad that he could have such a woman for his own sake? At the same time, I also made an oath in my heart. In this life, I will not marry unless I cherish it. I will only recognize her all my life. The oath in my heart is actually connected with the way of heaven. A white light quickly rushes into his forehead and disappears. If he violates it one day, then heaven will destroy it and destroy it. Jane Xi was busy calculating the position of the array eye at this time, so she didn\’t find that qijiehanxing had made a heaven oath for her. Level 9 array, Jane Xi was very pleased to see her achievements in front of her, and she was also very happy in her heart. It\’s a very good time for me to promote my Dandao and array Taoism. This time can help Qi Jiexin. Put all the four du\’e gold pills into a jade bottle and handed them to Han Xing, and then took out several jade bottles, which are nothing more than nine pills to restore spiritual power, heal wounds, restore divine consciousness and so on. The color of each jade bottle is different. There are also handwriting on it. Jane was afraid that he would take it wrong again, so the sign was very clear and told him to memorize it. When the situation is urgent, it can no longer be distinguished. In this way, in the infinite bottom of Jane Xi, the strange letter astrolabe sat in the center of the array. The eye of this nine level array is buried in the ground under him. Plus himself, the purchase has become a perfect cycle. Let go of your repression. The sky immediately began to have a strange shape, and the white clouds gradually changed into black, and tossed and gathered on the head of qijiehan star. Soon, it was as thick as ink. Jane reluctantly stood in the sky in the distance, looking anxiously at the strange letter star under the dark cloud, so far away. She could feel the pressure of heaven and earth, which oppressed her to breathe a little. What about the feeling of the letter star in the array?

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