When Li Siyu just passed the consignment store in the village, he saw Zhang Chaoyue standing in the crowd, and many people were saying compliments there.

She didn\’t know where he had gone. The communication between them is only a few days, and the time is so short. But why did she remember every detail of getting along with him so clearly? Even one of the eyes is the same. Jane regretted that she had experienced so much in her previous life and this life. She already knew that she had this man in her heart and her own mind. As for how others treated her, she didn\’t know or what to do in the future. However, if she was allowed to accept Ruan Tiancheng now, she always felt that she was sorry for Qijie Hanxing, although people didn\’t know about it now, and also felt that it was unfair to Ruan Tiancheng. I don\’t know if she can do it on earth without a correct answer, that is: can men and women be true friends. From Yuan Caiyi in his previous life to Cang Jun, his marriage as light as water, his betrayal in marriage, his death, residual family affection and helplessness after terminal illness; When I was born again in Jane\’s family, my parents divorced, I changed my surname, Xiuxian, and I was in the same class with Xinyu. I made a group of friends of my age today. Yu Muyang was as warm as the sun. Liu Tianhao looked silently. At the end of the earth, I came to this strange planet and separated from them. I didn\’t see Tian Hao until some time ago. Although Tian Hao\’s eyes haven\’t changed, But he and himself knew that this was destined to be an unresponsive emotion. Whether Yu Muyang or Tian Hao, Jian Xi didn\’t respond to them. I don\’t know why. Jian Xi couldn\’t take them as the person he would move and feel that they were all the people he relied on. The saying of the earth is that they didn\’t make themselves feel like their own dish at all. Here, Jian Xi meets shangguanpo, Yan Tao and brilliance. The beautiful and feminine shangguanpo always makes Jian Xi feel uncomfortable. She can\’t tell why, but he is not his dish, but it doesn\’t hinder Jian Xi\’s gratitude to him, Yan Tao and brilliance. Without their reminder, I\’m afraid Jane Xi has already been put under house arrest by the old men of the three families. But they are destined to be friends with Jane Xi. Jane Xi also has no way to respond to them. And the male demon in the snake cave. Jane regretted that she had survived in the snake cave strangely. It was not her good luck, but the male demon who deliberately left her life. Although the male demon didn\’t say anything, Jane really thanked him. When he offered a sacrifice to the cold, he would clumsily let the clumsy hand go down to steal some incense and paper money from the folk house. Although things are small, the cold caves and male demons make her feel warm. She has always hated snakes. She can live in peace with a group of snakes for so long. Now think about it, she still misses the stupidity of the head snake. Up to now, Jane Xi doesn\’t know that the male demon is actually called Moyun, and the man\’s stupid head and snake body is called Bayan. Think of those men along the way. Jane Xi thought about her feelings for them very carefully. It\’s just that Qijie cold star, who has been together for the shortest time, is the one who worries her most. She doesn\’t understand why, maybe, sometimes feelings are really so traceless Although she was a little excited about Ruan Tiancheng, she finally chose to treat Ruan Tiancheng as a friend because of Qijie cold star. If she really can put down that amazing guy one day, if Ruan Tiancheng can still be like today, then try to accept him. Jane Xi didn\’t think she had a long life, so she thought that there was plenty of time to study love in the future. Met, appeared, will not escape, no, will be sad, but will not be decadent. Having experienced a marriage in her previous life, she clearly understands that if two people fall in love one day usher in betrayal, then who pays more, then who is the most injured person. Therefore, if she is really hurt in front of love, now she has become an out of body friar. She has at least 1200 or 300 years of life, and she has plenty of time to heal. But she won\’t force herself to accept a person she doesn\’t love. Favor doesn\’t mean love, and heart doesn\’t mean love. Let it be. After making some decisions in his heart, Jian Xi and Ruan Tiancheng tried to avoid such a small * * again. They also put him in the position of a friend and get along naturally. In this way, everyone is more relaxed. If you don\’t want to, don\’t let people misunderstand. Such minor changes. Ruan Tiancheng was very careful and found the subtle change in Jian Xi\’s attitude towards him. In addition to the bitter smile in his heart, he didn\’t know how to describe his mood. Maybe he was too anxious. His previous actions might surprise the girl. What he could do was not to let himself be farther away from her and stay with her all the time. Maybe one day he would make her feel good about him. At this time, hearing Jane Xi\’s ridicule, Ruan Tiancheng felt a little bitter in his heart, but there was no trace on his face. He smiled and said, \”how can it be that long linger is my friend, Sister Feng? No, Feng Aijiao can be said to be my enemy. Although I can\’t take her now, her grandfather is the murderer of my grandfather. How can I forgive her.\”

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