Yang Er Mei hung up and didn\’t fall into the snow pit. She stabilized her body. Angrily, she pointed to Li Chengyue\’s back.

The number of sand wolves is decreasing one by one. Jian Xi has been manipulating the array and swallowing the elixir to restore aura. These pills were only used for practice. There was almost no place for these pills on earth. Unexpectedly, she came to this strange place on her first day. It has been of great use. Fortunately, she uses very little on weekdays, so she has accumulated a lot, otherwise she really can\’t afford such consumption. There are only more than 20 sand wolves outside the array. At this time, Jian Xi\’s face is also a little white, and his spiritual power is seriously consumed. Even if there is the recovery of pill, it can\’t keep up with the speed of its consumption. Realizing that there were still 23% of the spiritual power in her body, Jane Xi couldn\’t help laughing bitterly, but the outside of the array also changed at this time. With a wolf howl that rang through the night sky, a sand wolf whose fur color was close to golden came out slowly from behind more than 20 sand wolves gathered together. Its body shape was much higher than that of the general second-class sand wolf, and its fur color showed a fur that was close to golden luster. Its eyes were cold and angry, and its cold light only looked at it, which also made people afraid, A frightening howl seeping into the bone marrow came out of his mouth, and then the wolves echoed with him. At the next moment, countless huge earth thorns were produced out of thin air. After a pause in the air, they focused on a certain point of the array. After a shaking earthquake, many arrays have been destroyed by the wolves, It was broken. Jane Xi sat in the center of the array and spewed out a big mouthful of blood. The counterattack caused by the broken array made her suffer some internal injuries, which is undoubtedly worse. But she dared not delay at all, and \”Teng\” bounced up. The green moon was shining coldly and bloodthirsty under the starlight. Jian Xi\’s trauma no longer bled, but her blood clothes and a messy horsetail made her more bloody and murderous out of thin air. The golden sand wolf looked at Jian Xi, who had flown into the air. His eyes revealed greed, anger and ruthlessness. This golden elixir monk has now become the end of a powerful crossbow. If he swallowed her, Then the strength of the third level and the middle level will go further and enter the high level, which is not far from the fourth level monster. This is a golden elixir monk. He is bound to win. Another bleak and distant howl. It has jumped high and rushed to Jianxi, who flew out of the encirclement circle of 14 sand wolves meeting with more than 20 sand wolves outside the array. More than 200 sand wolves are now not the wolf king of level 3 and middle level, but only these 37 sand wolves. Jian Xi now knows very well that this magnificent sand wolf is the wolf king of this wolf group. Like the wolves on earth, every large or small wolf group will have a powerful wolf as the leader and become the wolf king, and this sand wolf is the only level 3 monster in this group. Then Jian Xi knows that his situation is very dangerous. If she met the wolf king alone at the peak of her strength, she would be afraid at all, but now In addition, there are thirty-seven level-2 demon wolves here. Jane Xi didn\’t want to run, because she had learned the speed of the wolves before. In the desert, they are like fish in water, and their speed is extremely fast. If they don\’t fly and rely solely on lightness kungfu, even if they are at the peak, they will be less than their endurance, not to mention at the beginning, They have surrounded her. If the speed is not far better than them, she has no hope of escape at all. She can only stay and have a chance of life. Jane Xi jumped out of their encirclement, but it was impossible to go far. These sand wolves had followed up. Jane Xi had to go back and fight again. The wolf king even flashed a joke in his eyes. With a light hum, the 37 second-class wolf demons attacked without waiting for Jane to have a chance to breathe. Jane Xi stuffed a handful of elixirs into her mouth. Under the current situation, she was not allowed to eat one by one. She felt a heat flow in her belly, and a trace of determination flashed in her eyes. Even if she died, these demon wolves would become the backing, especially the wolf king who was watching the play. He would rather lose all the sand wolves than consume Jane\’s spiritual power first. Such monster\’s spiritual intelligence is comparable to that of human beings. In the light and green shadow of the knife, Jane Xi\’s bloody figure wandered among the wolves. She tried to exchange the enemy\’s life with the lowest price, and swallowed the elixir recklessly. She could restore a trace, a little more spiritual power, and a little more hope of life. Under the night sky, the bright stars, the pure power of the stars, also constantly entered Jane Xi\’s body, but still couldn\’t catch up with the speed of her consumption. However, these sand wolves are also reducing while Jane is cruel. Finally, the last level-2 sand wolf fell into a pool of blood. Jian Xi trembled with Qingyue\’s hand. Even so, she took out the last bottle of Huiyuan pill and poured it into her mouth. The pill melted at the entrance and flowed into her abdomen, injecting a trace of new vitality into her empty body. Jane Xi threw away the porcelain vase, slowly raised the green moon in her right hand and killed countless sand wolves. At this time, she was still bloodless. Under the starlight, there was a cold light shining, which reflected with the sharp teeth of the wolf king who was walking towards her. At this time, the wolf king looked at Jian Xi, whose psychic power had almost dried up, and a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. Jian Xi was sure that she was right. It was contempt. At this time, she really saw the psychic wisdom of the real monster, which was almost the same as people. It was using tricks to defeat the opponent who was similar to its strength, even if it consumed all its men. He is cruel and cunning enough, no worse than human beings.

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