Although there is space to transport, it can only be out of someone\’s sight. Just give them the food. Just prepare some on the way.

Jian Xi led the God of war out of the courtyard wall surrounded by low fences. In front of him were secluded pools, waterfalls, grass and flowers, surrounded by towering ancient trees and strange stones. The environment of the house prepared by the yuan family for Yuan\’s father and mother was very beautiful. When Jian Xi came here before, she didn\’t have time to take a closer look, but just had a brief look. Although she was a little surprised at the beauty of the scenery at that time, But they didn\’t want to observe carefully. After all, the local environment where they lived in Fang\’s house is also quite good. However, relatively speaking, Jian Xi prefers this environment at present. The waterfall is not very big, but the roaring sound of water is not small, but the sound of pure nature is not only not noise, but also makes people feel integrated with nature and relax nature. It is a stone paved path with other yards and roads, which is harmoniously unified with the environment, natural and beautiful. \”God of war, how does it feel to bring you out this time?\” Jane Xi patted her eyes and said with some excitement. According to Mrs. Fang, she was not allowed to take the God of war, but the God of war bit the corner of Jian Xi\’s clothes and just wouldn\’t let her go. Unfortunately, Jian Xi had to take it on the plane, but the battlefield didn\’t take it. She left it with Yuan\’s father and mother to protect her parents, just in case, which made the God of war very resentful, Jane Xi can understand her desire to fight, but the safety of her parents is more important. But she didn\’t know that the God of war was excited that there was a white rabbit lying there between the green grass. She had been scared by the breath of the God of war. Jian Xi also noticed the direction of the God of war\’s eyes and saw the white rabbit, so one man and one dog shot at the white rabbit only a few steps away at the same time. \”God of war, don\’t move it.\” when Jane Xi flashed her body, her voice had been spoken, she had rushed to her body, and suddenly stopped. The voice of \”sobbing\” in her throat showed her dissatisfaction. Gently picked up the little white rabbit and touched the trembling body of the white rabbit. Jane Xi was deeply distressed. Under Jane Xi\’s gentle touch, the white rabbit gradually stopped trembling. The God of war was also prohibited from humming and staring at the white rabbit in Jane Xi\’s hand. At this time, he found something. Looking back at the direction of his residence, the little white tiger sleeping in the room rolled in their direction like a ball of wool. Jianxi also found the little white tiger rolling in the green grass. She couldn\’t help laughing. She quickly picked up those clumsy POMs and shook violently again with the little white rabbit. The white rabbit just stopped shaking. Her head was buried in Jianxi\’s arms and refused to come out. Her whole body was like chaff. Jane Xi looked at the frightened white rabbit and thought that although the little white tiger was cute and small, it was the natural enemy of those herbivores. She had lived in the Fang family for so long. She also knew that these families living in the mountains treated animals as they were, and were not allowed to hunt them casually, especially these harmless herbivores. So in the family, you can often see beautiful birds falling on the old man lying quietly in the sun, or one or two elk passing by in front of you. There is no sense of panic and escape. Only for the beasts, they are blocked by the disciples outside the family and are not allowed to enter. This also leads to a considerable number of small animals avoiding natural enemies running into the family, forming such a picture of harmony between people and animals, which makes Jian Xi very surprised and fresh at the beginning, but also agree. There are some rare or endangered species here. In the season when animals are scarce in the mountains, the family will regularly put some domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep into the mountains to protect the beasts that can\’t prey, so as not to make the beasts scarce or even extinct due to lack of food. These inputs are really insignificant for these large families. The fierce animals in the mountains have gradually developed the habit of not pursuing their prey as long as they run into the family. In the season of food shortage, they always wander in the fixed places where the family invests food, and harvest every time, so that they can survive one food crisis after another, Humans here live in harmony with these animals, big and small. It\’s very common for the little white rabbit to haunt in front of his yard. Few people here have fixed pets, but they often prepare some containers for food in front of their yard, and small animals who can\’t find food will always come. Over time, the small animals here are not afraid of people, and the little white rabbit obviously didn\’t expect to see the big guy who is about to become a monster here, The girl who had just been attracted by the breath held it in her arms and made it quiet. In the twinkling of an eye, there appeared this little guy who looked weak, but the pressure in the breath was no less than that guy just now. Jane Xi looked at the little white rabbit trembling in her left arm. There was no way. She gently put it under a big tree in the distance, held the little white tiger and led the God of war to avoid it. After half a day, she saw the little white rabbit raise her head and disappear a few times. The little white tiger in his arms looked at Jian Xi with innocent and cute eyes. There was a faint admiration in his eyes. Jian Xi smiled and said: \”the environment here is very good. Let\’s play here for a while. I also want to do morning exercises. Let the God of war play with you! The God of war, don\’t bully it. Have fun with it.\”. With that, he gently put the little white tiger down. The little white tiger was about to catch up, but was stopped by the God of war. The little white tiger was afraid and stopped there, staring at the big man of the God of war. The God of war did not dare to do anything to the little white tiger under the command of Jian Xi. However, looking at the cute little velvet ball in front of him, he felt very curious and raised his big claws, Gently touch the head of the little white tiger. The neck of the little white tiger shrinks unconsciously, and the whole body becomes a ball. However, the curious eyes are also looking at the God of war in front of him, and then look at the big claws pulled on his head.

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