The second aunt came back. Why didn\’t she let someone drag a letter.

Chapter 1687 Old Immortal PhantomWhere is Sen Luo? Shanghai said solemnly.He? Of course he\’s still alive. As for whether he can survive, it\’s up to you. Yan Wushuang said, his tone changed, and said with a bit of resentment: \”You have been away for so long, our children are thinking of you. .\”child……Shanghai trembled, thinking of the past, and his chest filled with anger. Of course, Yan Wushuang cannot be blamed for all this. In the final analysis, all of this is the game of the monster emperor Yufu, a general situation that has been laid out since the ancient times, and Take him as the main chess piece.What do you want? Shanghai said solemnly.I didn\’t think about anything, I just told you that Sun Luo will be executed in three days, and his body will become food for the demon slaves. As for the soul, the emperor will be torn apart. Yan Wushuang\’s voice said this. After stopping, the sound transmission stone returned to its bleakness.Three days…Ye Xiang couldn\’t help but squeeze his fists into a ball.Hao, don\’t go, this is a trap, the demon is trying to lead you over. Ming Yuyan hurriedly persuaded. If you go to Shanghai, there must be no return.If I don\’t go, Senluo will definitely die… Shanghai shook his head. He naturally knew that this was a trap of demons, but if I didn\’t go, Senluo would definitely die. Even if Shanghai continues to survive, it will definitely live in guilt in the future.and……Now the world has undergone drastic changes. Shanghai knows many things that are difficult for ordinary people to know. Once the situation of the world is fully revealed, the world will inevitably undergo earth-shaking changes, and the things that have been seen in the shuttle of time and space after ten thousand years, Unknown changes have occurred.No one knows what will happen next.Of course, Shanghai can also find a place in a hidden place in the sky, hide one\’s name, and then live with all friends and relatives.However, Shanghai doesn\’t know how long they can live, nor can they guarantee that all friends and relatives will be able to live unscathed until the moment their life is exhausted after the opening of the world.Sun Luo is in danger, and Shanghai must be saved, even if it is a trap.Hao… are you really going? Bi Yuelan asked.Well, I must go.Seeing Shanghai\’s resolute attitude, Mu Ningxue\’s three daughters realized that they couldn\’t move Shanghai, and once Sen Luo died because of this, with Shanghai\’s character, they would live in guilt and pain for a lifetime. They didn\’t want to see Shanghai. so.

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