This? Li Siyu was stunned. Did she come back?

Beyond the Quasi-God Emperor…The heart of the strong man suddenly twitched. Before that, his biggest wish in his life was to reach the level of the gods. As for the quasi-divine emperor, he didn\’t expect it, but now Shanghai actually says that he can surpass the quasi-divine emperor.Doesn\’t that mean that in the future he will have the opportunity to aspire to a god emperor? Of course this is impossible, but it is enough to be able to surpass the quasi-divine emperor.Of course, this strong man also understands that his ability to break through today lies entirely with the man in front of him. If it weren\’t for him, he wouldn\’t be able to break through.The subordinates will do their best to follow the adults in the future. The strong respectfully said, this sentence is his sincere words, which used to be taken in Shanghai before, but now he is willing to follow.boom……An immense force rushed out, and I saw endless astral lights shuttle out, and nearly eight hundred demon slaves were instantly turned into flying ashes, and in this starlight, a woman exuded a strange starry light. This woman is one of hundreds of god kings, and now she has also broken through and reached the level of gods, and what is even more frightening is that the shining stars on her body seem to arouse hundreds of millions of stars.The star girl had just completed her transformation, and another terrifying aura rose to the sky. The endless black mist shrouded all around. The demon slaves who were trapped in the black mist were swallowed, and finally turned into flying ash, and in the black mist At the center, there is a thin man, who is like a black mist…After three successive transformations, the Lord Changsu and others realized something. They seemed to understand the purpose of Shanghai calling them and letting them come to fight. Obviously they already knew that they had something special, so they were brought here for the purpose. Experience breakthrough.All three have broken through, so don\’t they also have this opportunity…The most important thing is that these three people are all special physiques. After breaking through to the level of the gods and stimulating the blood in the body, their strength is more than ten times more terrifying than ordinary gods.Chapter 1639 Big Demon SenluoMany of the hundreds of god kings have spent at least a hundred years in their peak state, and have already reached the threshold of breakthrough, just one step away. Under the persecution of demon slaves, many god kings took the most important step and stepped into the level of gods.There were successive breakthroughs by the god kings, and some even inspired terrible bloodline powers. Those god kings who had not broken through were eager to see through, and at first they were a little unwilling to let go. But watching the others break through one after another, the other god kings can\’t help it. , Let go one after another.The cultivator\’s greatest shackle is not the limitation of his realm, but his own state of mind.These god kings have practiced for many years, and some have been at ease for too long, and have long forgotten the root of their cultivation. Shanghai brought them here to experience their mood, and the fastest place to improve their mood is undoubtedly on the verge of death.In the time and space shuttle, the reason why the god kings were able to break through and were even later recruited by the four imperial palaces to become extremely strong was mainly because they were in the situation of the war between the two clans. In those crises, the god kings were the only ones able to break through. What you do is to constantly suppress your own potential and push yourself to the limit.Who can make these god kings reach the best limit is undoubtedly the demon slave.Although the physique of the demon slaves is surprisingly strong, they do not understand the magical skills, and the methods used to attack and kill are also close to the body. Will be urged to the extreme.If you change to another cultivator whose strength has reached the stage of the gods, you don’t need to be close at all. As long as you display magic skills from a distance, you can kill many gods, and those gods have not had time to experience the mystery of life and death. It may have been lost.

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