\”Qijie?\” when Jane Xi heard this surname, her heart jumped, and a face appeared in her mind unimpeded. The man who was always like cold ice to others and had some warmth only to himself. His deep eyes, like a deep pool, always made her feel trapped. He left that day without saying anything.

Big brother, in my opinion, how about you and eldest brother? Ling Xuanbiao said suddenly.Hearing that, Bi Yuelan and Ming Yuyan were also a little bit shy and embarrassed.Shanghai doesn\’t know how to speak, because Mu Ningxue hasn\’t come back yet, but the second daughter Bi Yuelan has been with herself for so long, she really should have a reputation. As for Ningxue, she will be compensated later.Just about to speak, Bi Yuelan said first: \”Hao, wait until Sister Ningxue comes back, it\’s too early to talk about this now.\”Okay. Shanghai nodded, looking at Grandpa Ling Zhantian.Hao\’er is not in a hurry, wait for the one who handles the sword first. Ling Zhan Tianhui\’s eyes are like torches, how can he not see that Shanghai is a little embarrassed, and immediately put aside the topic.When it comes to the happy event of handling the Lingxuan Sword, everyone is even more excited.Since the collapse of the Great Wilderness World, the spirits and gods have been in dire straits every day, especially in the source area, worrying about whether they can live until tomorrow, living in fear every day, even survival is extremely difficult, why not? Have any thoughts to care about other things.Soon!Everyone swooped down. Everyone was satisfied with the new station. They were full of red light and began to chop wood and stone. With everyone\’s ability, it is not difficult to build a new station, and there is no need for Shanghai to do this. There are also some skilled craftsmen.Seeing everyone busy, Shanghai Weiwei pondered some questions.in vain!Tiangang Ring trembled slightly, and a purple sound-transmitting stone lit up. Shanghai took a look and quickly took it out, because it was left by the purple fox in the past. We will contact you later. After leaving the place of origin, Shanghai had Actively contacted, but there was no response, and now there is finally an response.Little man, I\’m waiting for you in the east of the extremely ice sea. The purple fox\’s voice came, although still enchanting, but with a hint of eagerness.After putting away the sound transmission stone, Shanghai talked with his grandfather and others, and then left Lingshen Island.Shuttle through the passage, Shanghai flew out, and soon Divine Mind locked a enchanting shadow, still in that purple gauze, but every time it gave people a thrilling and seductive beauty, the purple fox was hanging. Above the extremely icy sea, let the extremely icy air surround her.The moment he saw the purple fox, Shanghai had a strong reaction.Ancient Demon…Yes, Shanghai feels that Zihu has become an ancient demon, and just like himself, it has been transformed to a perfect degree. Although it is a bit unexpected, Shanghai is relieved when he thinks of Zihu\’s methods.How do you know I am here?

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