Jane Xi\’s habitualness has not affected Zhang Rong. She has always been a small person and the object of being bullied. Today, she has also become the focus of people\’s eyes. Some eyes are curious, some laugh, some explore, and some envy. Such strange eyes are focused on him, so that he can hardly walk. His forehead is sweating and flowing down, It even flowed into his small slit eyes.

Click…There was a sound of broken bones. The right arm of the white-robed young man was already twisted, and the secondary imperial weapon suddenly got out of his hand. Seeing that the situation was not good, he stretched out his left hand to fight back, but Aofeng speeds faster. Jian had already grabbed the Vice-Emperor Tool into his hand.Why didn\’t I keep my promise? I just promised you to release Xun\’er. I never said not to kill you. Aofeng smiled coldly, \”This pair of imperial artifacts is not bad. There should be no regrets.\” He shook his hand casually.chant……A stronger will of the emperor and the emperor pattern interlaced, turned into a shocking purple light, and directly slashed at the young man in white robe. Faced with this terrifying power of attack, the white of his right arm had already been broken. The young man in the robe was difficult to resist, and the void around him was even more distorted, and he couldn\’t avoid it at all.Big Brother Sword… Four figures flew in one after another. It was the three men and one woman who gritted their teeth and blocked the front. Four first-class artifacts were turned out, with the crossbar in the front.In an instant!Four first-class artifacts burst into pieces. Three men and one woman were shocked and flew out. The four spit out a large mouthful of blood at the same time. Even the young man wearing a white robe hit the barrier. Although he was hit with bleeding from the corner of his mouth, it was Temporarily saved his life.There are four more helpers? Yes, but none of you will survive. Aofeng\’s figure moved, and the next moment he appeared in front of the white-robed young man. The purple sword in his hand slammed down towards his head. There is no need to use any magical skills, because the white-robed young man has already been severely injured and can no longer fight back. He only needs to directly kill the white-robed young man.Big Brother Sword…Let him go…Do not……do not want……The three men and one woman exclaimed, resisting the severe injuries and trying to get up, but they were still unable to stand up and could only watch the sword stab fall.suddenly!Just when the purple sword was one inch away from the young man in the white robe, the whole purple sword came to a halt with a sharp sound of golden and iron clashes.one hand!Grabbing on the edge of the purple sword, under the two clashes, there was a sound like a metal crash, and everyone\’s eardrums were tingling. Following that hand, Aofeng slowly raised his head, aiming It was a silver-haired man, his pupils twinkled with strange light and deep coldness. At the moment he saw it, Aofeng couldn\’t help being shivered, and his soul had a sense of extreme fear.It\’s him again…A hundred years ago, he appeared once on the opening day of the Thousand Races Conference… now it is about to end, and is coming again… Does this guy have any hatred with our three thousand great clans? Every time he ran into trouble.

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