\”As for the reward of the Dan master meeting, the reward of the Dan master meeting held in Tonghua city is not very clear at present, but there is a rumor that it is the top 100 Dan masters who hope to get a chance to test the fairy grass secret place.\” Zhang Rong looked at Jian Xi, who was confused, and realized that the young elder in front of him did not know the fairy grass secret place, Without waiting for Jian Xi to ask, he explained: \”This fairy grass secret place is a secret place full of monsters and spirit grass. It not only has a variety of low-level to high-level monsters, but also has very rich spirit grass resources. Of course, the so-called fairy grass is just a metaphor. There are precious and abnormal level 7 and level 8 spirit grass that are very difficult to find outside. Although there are not many high-level spirit grass, most of them are in the deepest part of the secret place The level of demons and beasts there is also very high, and the force value of general alchemists is generally not high, which leads to that few alchemists can get such precious spirit grass. However, because there are very rich varieties of spirit grass and the years are very long, the harvest is much better than that outside. However, the Dan Normal University will be held once a hundred years, and this will not be the only prize each time Moreover, there are different rewards for the top ten, the top three and the first place. As for what it is, it has not been announced yet, so Zhang Rong can\’t give more information to his predecessors, \”Zhang Rong said humbly.

In the Extreme Ice Emperor\’s Palace, Shanghai once again saw the face that had been missed for many years. It was not similar, but it was indeed his father. That face was exactly the same as when he was eight years old, without any change.Father… Shanghai trembled. His whole body trembled involuntarily, and he couldn\’t restrain his inner excitement.Father?Mu Ningxue\’s body trembled slightly, and she also saw the two faces clearly. When she saw the other one, her eyebrows furrowed slightly. After reminiscing, she seemed to have remembered something, her pretty face flushed immediately. \”It\’s really Uncle Jiangchen… Brother Hao, it\’s Uncle Jiangchen.\”Well, it\’s my father, definitely my father. Shanghai was so excited that he nodded his head again and again. It was definitely his father\’s spirit general. The blood connection was not wrong. No wonder my heart was throbbing before, I didn\’t expect to meet here. To the father who has been away for many years.At this moment, Shanghai\’s heart is tied to the ministers, and as for other things, I don\’t have the mind to think too much.Boom…The Scarlet Moon League leader and the Ling general minister kept crossing each other, and the power of the two smashed together, shattering the space, and even the extremely ice emperor pattern was shattered a lot.Watching the two fight each other, the excitement in Shanghai\’s heart subsided a bit. Instead, he was worried. He didn\’t know why his father came here, or why his father reached the level of quasi-divine emperor. What he cares about now is, Father\’s safety.Although it is almost impossible for the quasi god emperor to perish, there will be accidents in everything.Brother Hao, don\’t worry, Uncle Jiang Chen will definitely win. Mu Ningxue felt Shanghai\’s worry and couldn\’t help but squeezed his hand, comforting.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.The fighting power of the two is not equal, and no one has the upper hand for the time being.boom……The two were counter-shocked back to their original places, but this time they didn\’t make a move.Remnant soul, you can\’t overpower me.The leader of the Scarlet Moon sneered: \”The power you used is not the power of the body, but the power of the God Emperor at the beginning of the Tao. Don’t think I can’t see it. After all, the power you can borrow is limited. You have a chance to leave this place, and I will no longer trouble you.\”Leaving? I will get the things left by the Extreme Ice God Emperor, even if I pay the price of death… Ling Jiangchen said in a deep voice.You don\’t know, I have been in this Extreme Ice Emperor Palace for many years, just to wait for this moment, and how much have I paid over the years? Do you really think that you can defeat me? Stretched out his right hand.A series of ancient patterns appeared horizontally, and I saw the war halberd that was hanging in the distance against the extreme ice emperor pattern. It was aroused. The entire war halberd trembled violently. Grab like.

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