A huge force hit Li Yan\’s left chest. Li Yan didn\’t expect that the beautiful and soul stirring female monk dared to fight back, and the strength was too unexpected. With this palm, Li Yan\’s people had been photographed upside down for three or four meters, fell down, and hit the middle-aged monk Yuanying who didn\’t move behind him.

Follow me, I\’d like to ask, why did Old Monster Xue do this? If I don\’t give me a reason, I personally plucked his skin. Liuxuan God\’s voice was like thunder, his sleeves flicked, curled up. I got up, Shanghai and others, and disappeared in the same place.After traveling through the void for a while, the Six Profound God Venerable took Shanghai and the others out of the void, and what came into his eyes was an ancient hall, which was much larger than any one I saw before, and more than that. This hall exudes an astonishing ancient meaning.Om…The Thunder Emperor artifact in Shanghai suddenly buzzed.Emperor…Shanghai looked at the hall in front of him in surprise. With the buzzing sound of the Thunder Emperor\’s artifacts, it can be judged that this hall is an imperial artifact. Others may not be aware of it, but there will be some subtleties among the imperial artifacts. Induction, with the imperial weapon as the temple, the background of this perish alliance is also too terrifying.Elder Hall…The expressions of the two Liao Baishu changed slightly, and they naturally knew where this was. It was the Hall of the Elders, where the elders discussed matters.Who is the one coming? The four peak god kings appeared in the incarnation. Each of these four people wore a set of ancient armor. They were filled with shocking weather conditions. They were much stronger than Liao Baishu, and immediately enveloped them with four auras. And down, directly cover the pressure.Humph! Six Profound God Venerable snorted softly.Bang!The four auras disappeared immediately, and the four peak god kings were taken aback, and quickly bowed their hands in salute, \”I have seen the elder Liuxuan.\”Go aside. Liuxuan Shenzun glared at the four of them.Elder Liuxuan, this place is the Hall of the Elders. Except for the elders, the rest cannot enter at will. said the peak god king headed.I also hope that Elder Liuxuan will not make it difficult for us. Another pinnacle god king was embarrassed.I said let you go aside, don\’t you understand? The Six Profound God Venerable was in anger at the moment, his eyes glared suddenly, and the vastness to the extreme rhythm breeds, constantly surging, and may be released at any time. , Feeling this terrifying rhythm, the expressions of the four pinnacle god kings were quite ugly, there was no utterance, and they did not back down.roll!boom……The vast and endless rhythm broke out, and it contained soaring anger, and immediately the four pinnacle god kings were shocked and flew out.The power of the gods is so terrifying, even if these four peak gods are strong, they are difficult to resist, and they can only watch themselves crash into the elder hall.

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