In the end, in addition to Jianxi\’s outstanding achievements, there were two monks who successfully refined all three pills. Five friars passed, and then two friars were eliminated. In the final assessment team of 17 people, only eight passed, and nine were eliminated.

In addition to the four imperial palaces, there are four young kings among the Primordial Revivalists. Since they dare to confront the heirs of the four imperial palaces, it means that their strength will not be much weaker, and this is still clear. No one can guarantee when there will be a guy of equal strength.Compared with these terrifying peers, many young and powerful people present were suddenly discouraged. Although they are considered good among their peers, they are not comparable to these people. No, they are almost incomparable.The Asura dragon pulled the Qingbi ancient temple towards the place of inheritance, seemingly slow, but the speed was surprisingly fast, and the god king of the cruel tribe sitting on the top, holding the bronze god axe to clear the way, and flying past wherever he went. The strong are all hurriedly avoiding the distance.suddenly!Below the Great Sky God City, an extremely sharp sword light rose into the sky. This sword light didn\’t look very amazing, because its determination was not very strong, but it went in the direction of the Shura out……The sword light disappeared, and a young man holding an ancient sword stood in front of the Shura dragon. This man had long black hair casually draped behind him, with handsome facial features, a face like a crown jade, and a slender body. An ordinary martial arts robe, but the whole person is hanging high in the sky, like a divine sword pierced from the depths of the earth.Someone dared to stand in the way of the god king of the hostile tribe. Many powerful people looking down from below were shocked. At the same time, they noticed that this young man was just a high-level god general, not a god king. Dare to do this, it\’s not about death.The Shura dragon that was about to run over suddenly stopped. The eyes of the young man holding the ancient sword flashed with a strange light. It was this strange light that made the Shura dragon abruptly stop in the void and face the young man. Roaring and roaring.This scene fell in the eyes of everyone, but it shocked everyone.At Xia Jianli, I want to learn from the four young kings. The man holding the ancient sword said slowly, his voice thick and round, with an unquestionable aura.die!The riding god king of the ruling tribe did not have so much patience. The bronze god axe in his hand was directly cut down. In the past, even the strong who entered the god king could be beheaded, not to mention the high-ranking god generals. Don\’t look at it. Just a random cut, this cut is full of endless killing moves, this is the instinct that the king of the cruel tribe has cultivated through countless killings.Killing with a single blow is what the Hu clan has always pursued, so their magical skills are extremely simple, but the effect they exert is extremely strong.Seeing the bronze god axe cut into arcs, many strong men shook their heads slightly. Obviously they expected the fate of the young man holding the ancient sword. If he ended up recklessly, he would pay a heavy price, and this price must be death. .But!A shocking scene appeared. The cut bronze god axe was stabbed by a sharp edge, and the arc broke open. The bronze god axe was knocked back. The moment the king of the crus clan caught the bronze god axe, his body was fierce. The earth leaned back, and the blood-colored pupils showed a look of surprise.Obviously, the cruel god king was at a disadvantage.As for the sharp edge just now, everyone felt extremely ordinary, but they didn\’t expect that it would pierce the arc of the bronze god axe.The god king of the cruel tribe, the strength is really good, it seems that the next is still to be tempered, and the next is very much looking forward to meeting the four young kings in the land of inheritance. The strong man named Jianli smiled and retracted his hand. The ancient sword moved completely and disappeared completely.

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