They don\’t know how many mortal cities they have passed by. Even Xiuxian city has passed by two, and the next one will take seven or eight days. When they get there, they will leave Gao Shuang there and set off.

Shanghai frowned. Someone was approaching, and spiritual thoughts came out, covering the outside of the residence in an instant. I saw more than twenty strong people rushing towards the residence. The leader was a strong man of the second world level, and the rest were waiting. Either at the level of the World-Honored One, or the Supreme Lord, their aura is extremely strong.Friend Lin, someone is coming! Gu Yu noticed the movement outside and said quickly.Mu Xin and other goddesses became dignified, while Ji Mie narrowed his eyes slightly, and glanced at the other three powerful Ji clan.Click!The visitor landed a thousand meters away from the residence and did not approach any further.In Xiahua Mengzong Chouxin, I led a group of fellow apprentices to visit Fellow Lin Daoist.The leader said loudly, looking at the residence with indifferent eyes. With this person\’s cultivation level, he can naturally see how many people are inside.Hua Mengzong… Mu Xin and other women frowned.Nanlingtian first-class sect is located in the South China Sea. In recent years, many young talents have emerged, and the momentum has been pushed into the top three of the first-class sect. Mu Chen said slowly.Friend Gu, please help me take care of Sen Luo. Shanghai stood up.Friend Lin, this Huamengzong suddenly sent so many powerful people to come, I am afraid that those who come are not good, why don\’t you let me send them? With the reputation of my Ji clan, Huamengzong will show some face. Ji Mie stood up and said.No, I don\’t want to owe favor to Ji\’s Protoss. Shanghai bluntly refused.Hearing this, Ji Mie\’s face changed, and his eyes flickered with a hint of displeasure and haze. He had been kindly helpful, but this Shanghai is not old enough. Since the other party doesn\’t appreciate him, he has nothing to say. He groaned from the bottom of his heart and don\’t go too far. , Ignore it.Big Brother Ji Mie, Shanghai is too arrogant, so let\’s teach him a lesson and force him to tell… The strong man of the Ji clan protoss suddenly became annoyed.Force him? This is a bad policy, don\’t use it until the last moment. This dream of transformation is also good, and this Qiu Xin I have also heard that he was once a powerhouse on the post-god list, and now he is promoted to the second world noble level. Compared with the strong in the same realm, let’s take a look at the situation first. If Shanghai is suppressed by that time, we can make another move. Even if he is arrogant and sees us so helpful, he will definitely not wait for me like this. Arrogance.” Ji Mie waved his hand and said. In fact, there is another meaning he didn\’t say, that is, after the severe lesson of Shanghai\’s being Hua Mengzong, let this arrogant guy eat enough and deflate. Come to help.
This can not only indirectly teach Shanghai a lesson, but also win his favor. This is something that kills two birds with one stone. Why not do it? What\’s more, if you shoot at a critical moment, you may be able to get the loopholes in the city of everything from Shanghai. Secret.
Walking out of the residence, Shanghai looked at the group of Huamengzong. The latter did not hide his aura, but directly released it. It became an invisible oppression in the shape of the residence. Anyone who steps out of the residence will be photographed by this oppression. .
Faced with the oppression of this powerful momentum, Shanghai\’s expression remained the same as before, without the slightest change.
Qiu Xin of Hua Mengzong frowned, isn\’t it strong enough? However, it was relieved when he thought that Shanghai had repelled Jin Fan and others in one blow, and he was a top powerhouse if he could repel the top twenty Jin Fan on the Queen\’s List.
What\’s the matter?\” Shanghai said quietly.Friend Lin Dao, come here under the order of the sect, and invite Lin Daoyou to my Huamengzong. While speaking, Qiu Xin arched his hand slightly.Oh? I have never had anything to do with Hua Mengzong, why should I be invited there? Shanghai asked.Daoyou Lin, I don\’t know this here. It is an order from the elders of the sect. If you want to know, you can ask the elders of the sect in person. Qiu Xin still smiled.There is no need to inquire in person. There are still important things next time. I will visit again when I have time. Sorry, I won\’t send you off. After Shanghai finished speaking, he had to turn around.suddenly!

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