\”Uncle Yan asked his brother for discussion yesterday. They were all here. I thought they came here again early in the morning. Linger was still uncomfortable.\” Hua linger said with a small mouth.

Finally killed…Shanghai took a deep breath. After two full years of cultivation, he finally realized this supreme magical skill of reincarnation of life and death. The power was so powerful that it shocked him, and it was not much worse than the Seven Forms of Taishi. And under the urging of the extreme state of reincarnation, this supreme magical skill not only consumes very little, but also has a power of about 30%.However, this is not the end. Shanghai feels that the more he comprehends, the more he feels the profoundness of this cycle of life and death. What he touches now is only the surface of the cycle of life and death. If he wants to truly control the core, it is still in the current state. Can\’t do it.and!Shanghai still has a premonition that his supreme magical skill is not yet complete, but he is not worried. He still has a year to look into the deeper area, where there is a stronger shadow of the ancient gods. , The power of the reincarnation mood they contain is stronger, and naturally it is more conducive to their own realization, but the danger is much greater than outside.In fact, if you continue to stay outside for a year, Shanghai will have the opportunity to fully practice the cycle of life and death to completion, but it is only a chance. There is only the last year left in the three-year covenant, and he does not have much time to splurge. .In the end, Shanghai decided to step deeper.The stronger power of attack and the more terrifying crisis kept Shanghai\’s nerves at a tight level. Under these conditions of extreme pressure, the potential was constantly stimulated. At the beginning, he was almost beaten by a thousand feet. The Primordial God King Xuying killed him with one move, but after he retreated, he recovered and then slammed in again.Ten months have passed!In the Qianzhang area of ​​the God King’s Secret Realm, there was a figure filled with black and white powers. His arms slashed sharply, his eyes tightened to the extreme, his body was filled with astonishing mystery, and then, all the surrounding scenery changed. .With this person\’s chest as the boundary, the sky above became pure white, and the bottom became thick black. A stream of light of different colors shuttled past, mixed with two forces of black and white, and then all the power was concentrated in this different color. In the streamer.call out……The streamer penetrated the phantom of an ancient god king within a thousand feet, and the phantom became slightly stiff. Shanghai appeared behind the phantom. He did not take a second look, but stared at the front because of the phantom behind him. The ghost of the god king quickly turned into light particles, and then disappeared…Finally, I have cultivated this form of reincarnation of life and death to the extreme…This trick is based on my insights that I have experienced countless life and death experiences, so call it the front line of life and death. Shanghai\’s eyes contain a lot of boo. Appeal.Although he has only practiced for more than 50 years, the ups and downs experienced by Shanghai over the years are more ups and downs than any cultivator of the same generation, and he has come into contact with the most in the wandering between life and death, even He can\’t remember how many times he has experienced it.And the accumulation of these moments of life and death makes it easier for Shanghai to perceive the cycle of life and death than ordinary people, and he also has a sense of heaven that ordinary people can hardly possess.Three years in the blink of an eye!call out!A figure appeared in the Divine King\’s Secret Realm. The person who came was the old immortal. He originally planned to come as soon as possible, but because of something, he had to rush back as much as possible that day.What about the kid? The old undead frowned, his eyes scanned the entire God King\’s secret realm, but he didn\’t find the existence of Shanghai, and he immediately panicked, \”This kid in Shanghai won\’t have an accident, right?\” As soon as he thought of this, the old undead suddenly Panic, the figure will be swept away.

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