So at this time, even Hua linger, who loves to stand up for Gao Shuang on weekdays, remained silent. Gao Shuang secretly glanced at Hua linger and looked at the ignorant and stupid girl who was usually played in her hand. At this glance, she hated Hua linger, including everyone here.

It\’s reasonable, Zhu doesn\’t lose. What are you guys doing while standing? Hurry up and call him out and let him come here and bow down to me and wait. Wan Xingyan waved his hand.You… deceive people too much.Zhu Bu loses and the two are so angry that if Shanghai is really allowed to come out and bow down, then Ding Tianfeng will be completely abolished and weaker than others, but it does not mean that they will be bullied like this. The gods of the order came out, and Zhu Bu\’s figure seemed to have grown more than three times bigger.But Bailifu\’s pair of jade hands suddenly turned dark black, and the two displayed their strongest fourth-ranked magical skills.boom……Two powerful forces killed Wan Xingyan, and the latter\’s lips swept coldly.The only high-level gods dare to shoot at me. You two really do not know how to live or die. If so, then I will make you regret it. Wan Xingyan slapped out his left hand, and the terrifying power rolled over on the spot. The power of attack that shattered the two of them directly blasted them.Bang!Zhu Buluo was shot and flew out. He raised his head and spit out a big mouthful of blood. Suddenly he saw Wan Xingyan\’s mouth with a grinning smile, a finger toward the origin of the gods on his chest, and his face suddenly turned pale, and the origin was If he is injured, it may take thousands of years to recover.And these thousands of years, the cultivation base cannot be saved.I said it will make you regret it. Wan Xingyan grinned, his finger was already tapped down.No… Zhu Buluo\’s face was pale as paper.suddenly!A light and shadow swept in extremely quickly, and suddenly blocked in front of the finger. With a loud bang, I saw Wan Xingyan’s finger point on a thick palm, completely blocked by this palm. It is difficult to save the slightest, Zhu does not lose a moment, and when he sees those who appear, he can\’t help being overjoyed.Brother Lin… Zhu Bulu exclaimed.Brother Lin?Wan Xingyan frowned and was about to withdraw his hand. Suddenly the palm of his hand was covered, and the whole world seemed to be covered for a while. The grin on Wan Xingyan\’s face disappeared completely, replaced by a panic, because He felt the danger.Get out of here.Wan Xingyan shook his whole body, and the power of the top-tier gods burst out. As for Qiuqiu on his right hand, he simply couldn\’t control that much.Seeing that Qiuqiu was about to be shaken to death, he suddenly grabbed his other hand and directly penetrated the power of Wan Xingyan\’s shaking. He grabbed his right hand, and with a click, his arm broke, and Wan Xingyan made a horrible burst. Called, and then, there was a sound of broken fingers, and the whole left arm was twisted.

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