Another person, I\’m afraid, will never take this pill easily. There is a way to control people, not murder, control you from dying, and control you like a puppet. That\’s a more cruel way than death.

call out……The seven evil spirits appeared in front of the bloodmark, staring at the constantly squirming bloodmark, and smiled coldly: \”Your ability is pretty good, but it\’s a pity that you met this young master, and it\’s time to dedicate your bloodline power. The tyrannical bloodline, used by mediocre people like you, is really a violent thing. Only this young master can exert its full power.\”As soon as the voice fell, the Seven Evils took action, and they quickly pinched some weird seal tactics with both hands. Every time they pinched, they would type out one of them. This seal tactic contains ancient charm and is a kind of evil peculiar to the Evil King’s Palace. The different ancient secret method does not have the power to attack and kill, but it has a peculiar effect, that is, to draw out the blood of the opponent.The bloodline deprivation method is extremely cruel. Once the bloodline is removed from the opponent, the vitality in the opponent\’s bloodline will also be withdrawn. It will not die on the spot, but will gradually become weaker as the vitality fades, and then the realm will continue. Falling down, he finally watched his body rot and die.There are seven sets of imprints in this bloodline deprivation method, and the seven evils have struck out six sets in the blink of an eye, and only the last set is still condensing.But it was too soon, the smile on Qixie\’s mouth became more and more evil, and the moment when the last seal was finished, the eyes flashed with a deep joy.deprivation!Qi Xie stretched out his hand and took a picture of Shanghai, which was covered by blood.suddenly!The wriggling blood pattern suddenly stopped, and then the blood pattern swelled outward, as if it was filled with something.What… The seven evil expressions changed drastically.Bang!The blood pattern burst, and the ancient rhythm emerged from it, and I saw a thunderbolt shot out, as if when the world opened up, it contained the endless magical thunder, and it was like the spear of the sky that came out from the deepest part of the abyss. Xie suddenly felt his body froze, as if completely locked by a strange rhythm, and in his field of vision, Thunder continued to enlarge.The breath of death came out, Qi Xie couldn\’t take care of that much, gritted his teeth and stared, his throat pulsed, and a strange black blood spurted out, and immediately spread out in front of him, spitting out this black blood. After that, the look of the seven evil spirits became a lot weaker.呲…Thunder hit the black shield transformed by black blood, and the two violently collided, and the aftermath of the constant collision was crushed between the two. Suddenly, a stronger rhythm came from the tail of Thunder, which was a sign of the start of the second form of Taishi Nine Forms.boom……The black blood burst into pieces, and the Thunder God Spear penetrated Qixie\’s right shoulder.what……Along with the screams, weird black patterns appeared on Qixie\’s body.

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