All mortals looked up at the sky with envy and jealousy on their faces, but they didn\’t dare to hate. They didn\’t do what they should do for a long time.

Could it be related to the decline of the spiritual world? Shanghai\’s heart moved.The Great Wilderness World was called the Spirit World in the Primordial Era. It was a place alongside the God’s Domain, possessing endless resources and treasures, but it declined after the Primordial Era. No one knows the specific reasons, and countless have been passed down since ancient times. There is no record in the classics.The Taikoo Monument has Taikoo Avenue…I don\’t know if my father and mother have seen it, Shanghai guessed in his heart, but unfortunately it could not be confirmed for the time being, so I could only put away this idea.Encountering Taikoo Avenue is also a great opportunity for Shanghai.after all!He has thirty-six great powers in his body. Although compared with Taikoo Dao, he can\’t compare with it, but these 36 great great powers can be regarded as the foundation. If the Taikoo Dao can be derived from the foundation…certainly!Shanghai does not expect to be able to evolve a complete and final Taikoo Avenue, because the power of this complete and final Taikoo Avenue is too terrifying. Once it is completely released, I am afraid that no creature can resist it. It is already the strongest law of power. .The opportunity is not to be missed. After waiting for the recovery of his mind, Shanghai immediately invested his mind on Taikoo Avenue. With many insights, his realm was also continuously improved. Originally, he reached the level of the Holy Lord, but as he came into contact with Taikoo Avenue, now It is already firmly at the level of the Holy Master, and it is still rising.This is the magical rhyme of the power of the Great Dao itself, and it is also the impetus for the Taikoo cultivators to continuously pursue the ultimate of the Great Dao, because each insight can make a great leap forward in their realm. Compared with other powers, the Taikoo Dao has incomparable The powerful advantage.The mind is attached to the 36 types of Taikoo avenues. The reason for choosing these avenues is that Shanghai itself has 36 types of avenues. It is much easier to start with them than other avenues that have not been touched before, and the avenues are spreading. .With the frequent insights into Taikoo Avenue, the five-element imprint of his knowledge of the sea is also rapidly operating. The realm power of the 12,000 demon ancestors located inside is also rapidly growing. Since Shanghai focuses on Taikoo Avenue, there is no Noticed.boom……Zhihai trembled suddenly, and Shanghai’s mind quickly recovered. He hurriedly checked Zhihai. When he saw the five-element mark that was slowly turning inside the knowledge-sea, he couldn’t help being shocked, because in the five-element mark, there were twelve thousand demons. The ancestor actually broke through to the level of a semi-sage master.The peak of the king has reached the half-holy master. Although the power of each demon ancestor is only several times, the added power of twelve thousand demon ancestors is extremely terrifying, and with the constant realization, twelve thousand The power of Thousand Demon Ancestor is still increasing.obviously!The power of this Taikoo Avenue has a great stimulating effect on the growth of the power of 12,000 Demon Ancestors, and Shanghai continues to release its mind and feelings…At this time!In addition to the ancient god monument, a group of strangers are coming quickly.

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