Although this blood is very weak, Jian Xi can\’t guarantee whether it will awaken. If it can awaken, the God of war will be greatly changed. However, it is too small and weak, and the possibility of awakening is extremely low. It can\’t be expected. Therefore, it\’s time to integrate the essence and blood of the second thunder beast.

This direct disciple not only had the aptitude to be higher than that of the Nei Zong disciple, but also had to have the ability far surpassed the rest of the Nei Zong disciple.What kind of person is the Nei Zong elder in the Tian Zhan Sect? All are at the top level of the gods, not only possessing great power, but also amazing strength, being able to be accepted as a direct disciple by the elders of the inner sect is a good thing that countless powerful people can\’t ask for.The strong man who was originally tempted suddenly put away his mind.The fifth-grade treasures are certainly tempting, but it would be too irrational to offend the disciples of the elders of the Tian Zhan Sect because of this.Three thousand best god sources. Mu Ling was annoyed, and immediately stretched out three fingers. \”Whoever comes out of three thousand best god sources, take this thing directly.\”The strong people present looked at each other, some reluctantly shook their heads, and some remained silent.Mu Ling, you die of this heart, no one will buy you. The outer disciple of Tian Zhanzong smiled coldly.The words have been released, who dares to buy?Two Thousand Supreme God Source… Mu Ling gritted her teeth again, her pretty face paled, her beautiful eyes looked around at the people present, as long as someone was willing to say something, she would sell it even at a loss, not for anything else, just for This breath.There is still no sound from the strong.At this time!Mu Ling noticed the two people beside her. These two people covered their faces and were difficult to recognize, but she could still tell from their body size that they were a man and a woman.The man\’s figure is tall and strong, although there is no breath, but it gives people the feeling of being extremely powerful, and the woman\’s graceful posture, although it is impossible to distinguish the appearance, but by this peerless posture, she must be a stunning figure. beauty.This fellow Taoist, if you can produce a thousand best gods, this thing is yours. Mu Ling said in a deep voice.One Thousand Supreme God Source…This price is at most enough to buy a sixth-grade treasure, and it is almost impossible to buy a fifth-grade treasure.At this time, the three outer disciples of the Tian Zhan Sect also cast their eyes, they stared at the Shanghai two firmly, their eyes were full of threats.This fellow Daoist, there are some things that you don\’t want to take. Before you take it, you have to think about it. The headed Tian Zhanzong disciple said meaningfully.Well, let\’s weigh it up.Things are easy to get, but it will be difficult to get rid of it by then. The other two disciples of the Tian Zhan Sect also spoke in succession.

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