\”I don\’t know if these pills were refined by Taoist friends?\”

Obviously, this huge tower will move as it accelerates…what the hell is going on? Why does it move? But it is so big that there will definitely be a huge noise when it moves, but there is no movement at all, which is really weird.This was not only something he couldn\’t think through, but also something that many cultivators who came to meet their fate could not think through, so that everyone could only stop here.It\’s definitely not a giant tower moving… Shanghai can be sure that since it\’s not a giant tower moving, there is a problem in this area. Immediately, he closed his eyes, his mind moved, and the heavenly consciousness opened. When he opened his eyes again, The pupil turned into a crystal color.This is……Shanghai was shocked slightly.In the field of vision, some faint and twisted lines appeared. At that moment, these lines disappeared and no longer existed. Shanghai urged Tianjue again, but the twisted lines were never seen anymore, as if there was a kind of The special power is preventing his celestial sense from prying.Sure enough…Shanghai Xindao.It\’s a pity that those special anomalies only appeared in an instant, and he didn\’t have time to see clearly, so naturally he couldn\’t distinguish them.These twisted lines that have just come to light may be the road to the giant tower… Shanghai guessed from the bottom of his heart, stimulating Tianjue again, but he still couldn\’t see it.Is it my own illusion?Shanghai couldn\’t help but feel a little skeptical, but he felt it was not. Although those strange and distorted lines appeared in a very short time, he did see it, and it was definitely not an illusion.Since it\’s not an illusion, why can\’t it be seen after the second time? Shanghai frowned. With keen perception, he noticed that there seemed to be a strange power nearby, suppressing his heavenly consciousness and preventing him from letting him. To be worthy of.While thinking about it, a strong warning suddenly appeared in Shanghai\’s heart.suddenly!Four black crows appeared in the void. Although they were only the size of a palm, they contained extremely terrifying power. They immediately ranked in four directions, and mysterious and weird lines were derived from them. Solidified the void of a hundred li radius.With keen perception, Shanghai immediately realized the danger.call out……The evil god spear turned out of the body, holding it with his right hand, the second world zun\’s great perfect reincarnation mood emerged, and under the full urging of the divine might, the nameless divine skill shuttled out and hit the void.boom……

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