Jane Xi burned all the clothes in the ring, leaving only what was useful for her. After finishing, Jane Xi saw that the sky was not bright, so she flashed into the realm of Xiyuan, released Xiao and guarded Xiao Siyu just in case.

Shanghai suddenly found a big doubt, why did his parents go to the upper heaven of God\’s Domain? Although his father\’s ability was among the best in the Great Wilderness World, he was only a descendant of the spirit and god line of the ancient god tribe branch.And his mother is a descendant of the True Nether God Race in the lower heavens of God\’s Domain. Even though they have extremely high qualifications, the two of them are millions of small worlds relative to the entire God\’s Domain, and they are not superb. If they are, Grandpa will definitely mention it before Ling Zhantian.Why do they want to enter the upper heaven of God\’s Domain? Shanghai didn’t understand. If you were yourself, you wouldn’t risk entering the secret realm of the upper heavens of God’s Domain. enter.Of course, he also thought about it, maybe it is a big opportunity, or it may be that the parents have some special treasure in their hands, and they can come back safely, or it may be for himself, but if he does this, even if he comes back alive, he will put himself in In danger.Once it is noticed, the parents will be in danger of life.Later!The mother entered the Taikoo Road as a pregnant body, which made Shanghai feel more puzzled and confused. You must know that the Taikoo Road is full of endless dangers, and after the cultivator becomes pregnant, his strength will be affected to some extent. At this time, he is still entering the Taikoo The road, the danger will be greater.Moreover, his father went in with his mother. Why did they come here? One by one mystery hovered in Shanghai\’s mind, making him puzzled.Senior, apart from this pair of footprints, did the young couple leave anything else? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No! Lu Dao shook his head, \”I didn\’t see what they left behind. But…\”But what? Shanghai asked nervously. Even if it is only a clue, it may be possible to detect the purpose of their parents here, and may even infer where they will go next, or where they may stay.After all, for Shanghai, what he wants to know most now is the whereabouts of his parents.The young couple had talked. Because they were so far apart, I couldn\’t tell what they were saying, but I heard a place that seemed to be the ‘ancient secret place’ of the spiritual world.Ancient secret place?Shanghai frowned. Of course he knew that the spiritual world was the great wilderness world today. No, it should be said that the current great wilderness world was only part of the spiritual world in the ancient times. In the ancient times, the spiritual world was on par with the gods. world.The area is so big that it is impossible to imagine, but for some reason, it will be shattered later, and part of it will become the current great wilderness world. As for where the rest is, no one knows or knows, only the current great wilderness world. It is abandoning the realm, but a part of the previous spiritual realm.Shanghai has never heard of this \”Ancient Secret Land\”. Perhaps it is the title of the Primordial Era that is different from the current one. If you follow Lu Dao\’s words, then your parents should probably go to this \”Ancient Secret Place\” next. Land\”.But!Two thousand years have passed. Shanghai is not very clear about whether the parents have gone there. If they did not go there? Or maybe it\’s already gone.If it\’s the former, it\’s pretty easy to say, as long as you wait, your parents may come, but if you\’ve already been there, it\’s hard to say for sure. Regardless, this is a good thing for Shanghai. At least he knows a place called \”Ancient Secret Land\”, which may be located in the Great Wilderness World, and his parents might go there.

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