If it\’s a person who is close to life, it doesn\’t matter, because it hasn\’t been alive for many years. But for Ming Yuyan, it is difficult to accept. After all, she has just grown up, and she will be able to reach higher levels in the future, and even become a top figure, but she is trapped here, unable to leave for the rest of her life, and she still follows an enemy. It\’s too weird to stay together.

How to do?What to do, we are dead. A divine punishment person said jerkily, his body trembling extremely, no one knows better than them what a huge monster the True Underworld God Race is. The guardian is dead, and they must be the guards. Funeral.Why don\’t you catch that kid and hand him back? Maybe you can forgive the death penalty… A divine punishment person cast his gaze on Shanghai, which had already turned back and swept under the Shenfeng.Catch him…it\’s useless, we will definitely die. Another divine punishment person showed a sullen face.Don\’t you just wait for death like this?No! We still have a chance to escape and leave here. Millions of small worlds always have a place for us. Even if the energy of the true gods is large enough, the area that can be affected is at most thousands of small worlds, as long as we enter the real world. In the small world that the Nether Gods can\’t involve, they can continue to live, maybe, there will be another chance… The headed God Punisher said in a deep voice.Then how do I leave?I still have some Jie Yuan on my body, so I can shuttle again.What are you waiting for, let\’s go.After the five divine punishments looked at each other, they immediately made a decision. As for the dispute between the strong stars in the Hao Xing Realm and the Great Wild World, they are no longer in the mood to pay attention to it. As for Shanghai, they are too lazy to catch it. The most important thing is to leave as soon as possible. here.call out……The five God Punishers swept toward the north, and disappeared into the void in a flash.This scene fell in the eyes of the top powerhouses in the Hao Xing Realm and the Four Races Alliance, which made them feel inexplicably uneasy.boom……The sky suddenly trembled, and a vast and heart-pounding aura emerged, and there were hundreds of millions of special patterns appearing in the originally gloomy sky, and small stars that were originally thousands of miles away were pulled by this pattern. Complete small stars burst open on the spot.In an instant!The top powerhouses of the Hao Xing Realm and the Four Clan Alliance stopped their hands and looked at the broken sky, their hearts beating violently involuntarily, and a strong anxiety enveloped their hearts. An inexplicable pressure caused They felt suffocated.Panic!The top powerhouses suddenly panicked. They have lived for at least tens of thousands of years. Whether in the vast star realm or the great wilderness world, they are among the top figures. There are only a handful of things that can threaten them and make them produce. There is almost no sense of panic.However, the things brewing in the sky caused their hearts to tremble again and again. The feeling was like facing the unreachable high-level power at a low level, the kind of gap that is difficult to fill.

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