Ming Yuyan\’s delicate body trembled slightly, her expression changed slightly, and her gaze towards Shanghai became more complicated. There was also a hint of hatred and a sense of inexplicability. Things are impermanent, so she would unexpectedly meet her. Arrived at the son of Ling Jiang Chen.

Patriarch, look at them both…An elder of the Golden God clan ran up in a panic, and behind him were two abandoned children. They saw their faces dull, as if they had lost their souls. Jinyouqian\’s heart was suddenly fierce. Jump and bury yourself quickly to check.It\’s okay not to check. Under this check, Jin Youqian\’s face changed again and again, the sea of ​​consciousness was injured, his soul was damaged, and the injury was still the main soul. These two people have become completely useless for a lifetime. It is impossible to recover.puff……As the blood surged, Jinyouqian spat out a large mouthful of blood.Wow, Patriarch Jin, you vomited blood? The second elder exclaimed in a hurry.This sentence made Jinyouqian, who had just swallowed half of his blood, almost vomited it out again. He was so angry that his lungs were exploding, but he couldn\’t have an attack. He could only hold it back. At this moment, he finally felt the second elder and others. The previous feeling was felt, his eyes looked at Shanghai, full of murderous intent.At the same time, Shanghai seemed to feel something. He turned his head and looked at Jin Yuqian. He narrowed his eyes and revealed a meaningful smile. He immediately turned his head and looked at the three Jin Youqian who were catching up. Three children of the gods.Seeing Shanghai\’s actions, Jin Yuqian\’s heart beat violently, and his expression became extremely ugly.Chapter 0807 The whole army is annihilatedIn a daze, Jin Youqian remembered a word that Shanghai had said when he was outside the city of God.My father was the nightmare of your previous generation, then I will also become your nightmare, and even make you unable to dream…This sentence, spoken by Shanghai, who is a mere sage, was extremely ridiculous in the eyes of Jin Youqian at the time, but now, he faintly felt that this sentence might come true. When he thought of this, his heart jerked. There was a icy chill.At this time!Shanghai turned around, took a sharp step, and quickly moved two miles across.Seeing that Shanghai didn\’t climb to the top of the peak, but returned along the same path, the people of the spirits and spirits were slightly taken aback.How did Haoer return?What do you return to? Climb directly to the top of the mountain.What is Starling planning to do?When everyone was puzzled, Shanghai headed toward the three children of the Golden God clan. His speed was extremely fast, and he was only a hundred feet away from each other in the blink of an eye.

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